SERRABULHO - Pentilhoni nu Culhoni


They make popcorn and even soap bubbles on stage. Their gigs are like a giant theme park of cosplay, farts and, most important, laughs!!! 

Today we present you SERRABULHO! Hailing from Portugal, these gentlemen will play at OEF for the first time! You won´t find more lovable and crazy creatures on this planet and their music is just made to swing your lazy asses to. There is no reason not to love them!

  SERRABULHO are the masters of Happy Grind - in fact, they gave that name to this sub-genre , and their live gigs are becoming more and more requested. It's simply impossible to stay indifferent to this band live performances! Fun and great musicianship - the remarkable trademark of this band.


Puerile, infantile, sick, gross and grindcore enough, this act consists of four members with extensive experience (filling their ranks with former members of Holocausto Canibal or ThanatoSchizo). They have already played in festivals like Barroselas Metalfest [PT], Santa Maria Summer Fest [PT], Milhűes de Festa [PT], Zigurfest [PT], XXXapada na Tromba [PT], Ranger Rock [DE] and are booked for Grindfeast XL 2 [NL], Monthly Assault (CH), Gutural Gore Grind mafia [CZ], Nice to Eat You Deathfest [CZ], Flesh Party [CZ] and Deathfeast [DE] in 2016!   Last January the band was voted by the Loud! [Portuguese metal publication] readers as Portugal's most relevant act.   Serrabulho gigs are becoming legendary for their chaotic nature, with the crowds constantly going crazy, stage diving, moshing, slamming and singing, but accompanying the band's power to move the audiences is a strong work ethic: 33 gigs while promoting the first album - Ass Troubles (Vomit Your Shirt, 2013) and by now the group as over 40 gigs scheduled in promotion of Star Whores, the new album (Rotten Roll Rex, 2015). And these insane bastards from Portugal aim for much, much more!


Release date Release name Media
2015 Star Whores CD
2014 A Spanish (and Guests) Tribute to Dead Infection CD


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