KANDAR Czech Republic

KANDAR - Basket Case


What we can offer in this case is an absolute fresh portion of Czech grindcore! The band was formed in 2015 and for the time being they have been working hard on their debut album. However, this cannot change the fact the guys know how to play great concerts. Well, actually it is no wonder.         

You will find pretty experienced guys in KANDAR's line-up. On the drums you can find a MINCING FURY's drummer…. and the vocal expression has been taken charge of by Topi one of the most iconic bastards in the grindcore scene from PIGSTY. A mixture of blasting grindcore with both hardcore and death metal influences. For sure you want to see that at OEF's stage!!!


The beginning of Kandar is dated back to May of 2015. Drummer Denis (Mincing Fury, Space Hamster) and guitarist Kubyk (Somnus Aeternus, Space Hamster) were rehearsing together with Space Hamster and they realized, that they have similar musical visions and view on extreme music, and started composing first songs. Then they presented their music to Topi (Spineless Fuckers, Slup, ex-Pigsty, ex-Mincing Fury), and he said yes. The band started to work on concept and compose more songs. Short promo with four songs was recorded during the summer 2015, can be heard on Bandzone or Bandcamp. Next step was to have enough material for a full length album. While work the guys met strange guy from Slovakia – Martin. After huge blast they had together, the band decided to try his bass guitar skills and BAM – Kandar is four head HYDRA! Then there were a lots of rehearsals and first concerts in full line-up. In March 2016, Kandar went into the almighty DAVOS studio in Vyškov again they recorded their first album Groovy, which presents Kandar’s sick’n’horror grindcore. Groovy is going to be released in May 2016 on Bizarre Leprous Productions.


Release date Release name Media
2016 Debut cd GROOVY CD
2015 PROMO


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