GRID Sweden

GRID - Dead Hand


Not only does the band play a kick-ass grind core but it is also witty! They add to their start and history that they are something like a revenge for sobriety, posers, slow hardcore and lack of fast grindcore in the north of Sweden.  

They have a cassette and a 7“ under their belt and were formed in 2014. Young grind core blood from Sweden! GRID at OEF 2016!!!


GRID started in summer 2014 in UmeŚ, northern Sweden "sXe capital" as a backlash against sobriety, posing, slow hardcore and a lack of grindcore in the north of Sweden. GRID have released a cassette on Spela Snabbare Records and an EP called Umeå Grindcore on Discouraged Records -stop crying, play faster! / UŇGC


Release date Release name Media
2015 Umeå Grindcore EP
2015 Grid MC (TAPE)
2014 Grid Demo DEMO, DOWNLOAD


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