VENOMOUS CONCEPT - Fucked In Czech Repub!


When you throw crust, thrash, hardcore, grind and death in a kettle, add chopped members of BRUTAL TRUTH, NAPALM DEATH, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, PRIMATE, CORRUPT MORAL ALTARS etc. you will get a very tasteful meal called VENOMOUS CONCEPT. These elderly dudes cannot deny their affection for punk and hardcore.


The proof be their new album "Kick Me Silly" being just released these days (Jan 2016). Once you have listened to them your legs and arms would start twitching and you would begin searching internet to find where you could see this pack of grey wolves live. Yes, correctly! At Obscene Extreme Festival 2016!!!


At the core of VENOMOUS CONCEPT you will find BRUTAL TRUTH vocalist Kevin Sharp and Shane Embury, the iconic bass guitarist of NAPALM DEATH. The two musicians had bonded over beer and pizza as well as their mutual love of such punk heroes such as Black Flag, Systematic Death, GBH, SIEGE, and of course the aforementioned POISON IDEA. 

Notorious grinding punk outfit VENOMOUS CONCEPT (Kevin Sharp and Dan Lilker [ex- BRUTAL TRUTH], Shane Embury and Danny Herrera [NAPALM DEATH], & John Cook [CORRUPT MORAL ALTAR]) return with the frantic new album 'Kick Me Silly; VC3'. VC channels the urgency of grindcore, the raw blast of classic hardcore, and raucous irreverence of punk into a rowdy, 21-track adrenaline rush. VC is the real deal and 'Kick Me Silly; VC3' is an absolute blast; a high-spirited album that captures the true essence of the underground. Two fingers up! 

Ook! - minister of annihilation 

Kevin Sharp - vocals (Brutal Truth, Primate)
Shane Embury - guitar/vocals (Napalm Death, Brujeria, Lock Up)
Johnny Cheeseburger - guitar (Corrupt Moral Altar, Malevolent Creation)
Dan Lilker - bass/vocals (Brutal Truth, Nuclear Assault, Anthrax) 
Danny Herrera - drums and blast beats (Napalm Death)


Release date Release name Media
2016 Kick Me Silly - VC III
2014 Retroactive Abortion
2008 Poisoned Apple
2007 Split EP w/ BLOOD DUSTER
2006 Split EP w/324


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