MORTIFILIA Czech Republic



The band from Susice was establish in 1999. In the first few years were recorded free demos. The third, named Christ Hunt, led the band to contract with MONDONGO CANNIBALE RECORDS (the owner is the drummer from HAEMORRHAGE!). Under this label Mortifilia released two albums "Redemption" (2005) and "Embrace" (2008). Over the history more than 200 concerts were played criss-cross the Czech Republic and occasionally in abroad. This year you can her the new song on the vinyl compilation "Constelation Of Death", which maps the current death metal scene in the Czech republic and also the special vinyl single to decade anniversary of active playing. The new album is planned in 2010.


Release date Release name Media
2008 "Embrace" CD
2005 "Redemption" CD
2002 "ChristHunt" CD


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