The spreading of noise under the name Idiots Parade has begun in 2004, after endless personal changes in our old band Tay Gatto. The line-up ended up with four persons: Petra-vocals, Robert-guitar, Mato-Bass, Jan-drums and in the summer 2005 we have released 15 songs demo CD-r. This demo was recorded in our rehearsal room and released as DIY product in amount of 200 copies. One year later, in the winter of 2006, we recorded 6 new songs, 3 of them we used for the Sekec Mazec #4 comp., which was released in the summer 2007. Once again we have faced the line-up problems when Robert decided to leave the band. In the may 2008 he recorded with us songs for the split with Abortion and leave. His post was replaced by our good old friend Filip from the band Jakubysko, and he fits really great. In November, to support our split LP, we played three shows with Abortion in Denmark (Aarhus, Alborg, Kopenhagen), which was our first experience outside of Czechoslovakia.


Release date Release name Media
2008 Split LP w/Abortion LP
2007 V/A Fresh Selection #1 comp. CD
2007 V/A Sekec Mazec #4 comp. EP


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