The grind core assault from Spain named MACHETAZO has been considerably attacking the top charts in the last two years. Next year (2014) this pack will be celebrating its 20th anniversary and they will also massacre Obscene Extreme Festival. Their latest album from 2013 is titled „Ruin“ and it is a return to the roots and almost a turning away from gore attributes.

The whole recording is unbelievably brutal and it is no wonder it disappeared from destribution with lightning speed. It seems moreover MACHETAZO have a fancy for a domestic label Doomentia they have chosen as their home side. This is a dark horse of the festival.


Born in 1994 into the deepest underground scene of the Spanish Northwest Coast, under the influence of 80’s / early 90’s grindcore, death metal, crust, doom and old school horror cinema, staying on a constant non-stop activity for 20 years, releasing tons of records all around the world, with labels from Spain, USA, Sweden, Japan, Czech Republic, UK, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Poland... and touring and playing fests around Europe and USA, including classic places like CBGB in New York City, Maryland Deathfest, Obscene Extreme Fest or SWR Fest.


Roberto Bustabad (Guitar).

Iago Alvite (Bass).

JM Dopico (Drums & vocals).


Release date Release name Media
2013 Ruin CD, LP
2011 Desolación mental EP
2011 Live at CBGB CD, LP
2011 Machetazo / Marrow - Split LP
2011 The Maggot sessions II LP, MC (TAPE)
2011 Crypt, marrow and desolation - Comp. MC (TAPE)
2010 Necrocovered CD, EP
2009 Machetazo / Winters In Osaka - split EP
2008 Mundo Cripta CD, LP
2007 Machetazo / Ribspreader - Split EP
2006 Total Fucking Destruction / Machetazo - Split EP
2006 Ultratumba CD, LP
2005 Cianide / Machetazo - Split EP
2005 Sinfonías del terror ciego CD, LP
2004 Dead…in the raw! MC (TAPE)
2004 Horror grind CD, EP
2004 General Surgery / Machetazo - Split EP
2003 The Maggot sessions CD, EP
2002 Trono de huesos CD, LP
2001 Machetazo / Abscess- Split EP
2001 Bodies Lay Broken / Machetazo - Split EP
2000 Carne de cementerio CD, LP
2000 Corrupted / Machetazo - Split EP
2000 Rise Above / Machetazo - Split EP
1998 Realmente disfruto comiendo cadavers DEMO, EP
1995 46 cabezas aplastadas por un yunque oxidado DEMO


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