AFGRUND - Archaic Plague


Not every band can describe their production as d-beat grind. One of them, however, is originally a Swedish/Finnish band AFGRUND to which this description fits absolutely perfectly. Anyway, this band that started at a great pace about 11 years ago and then they went to the dogs (no, now we really do not think of their production that was, is and always will be top) but rather we speak about the functioning of the band itself.

Now back again in full strength and ready for you with their unique mix delighting both punks and crusters and also the orthodox grindcorists to smash everything that is alive in front of the stage at the Obscene Extreme Festival 2018! All this with the support of a new record that will come out in the beginning of 2018!!!


Founded by Pat, Andy and ex-drummer Olle back in early 2006, the Swedish d-beat grind trio Afgrund quickly gained attention in the international grindcore scene after releasing the demo CD "Hjärtslag och djupa andetag". Later that same year Finnish drummer Panu (ex-Büfo, ex-GAF) joined Afgrund and not long after the band released a split album with Relevant Few and their debut full-length album "Svarta Dagar". The band then toured in both Europe and the US and played shows at festivals such as Maryland Deathfest, Obscene Extreme and Brutal Assault. Despite several changes in the lineup during the following years and the band gradually consisting of less and less original members, they released the albums like "Vid helvetets grindar" and "Age of Dumb".
The rest is darkness... until early 2017.

Now consisting of founding members Pat and Andy and long-time drummer Panu, Afgrund are back with the new album "The Dystopian", which will be released in early 2018. Joining us on bass for the Obscene Extreme 20th anniversary show will be our old friend and ex-live guitarist in Afgrund Niklas Holm (ex-Splitter, ex-Idiot Ikon, ex-Tinner).

See you in the pit!


Release date Release name Media
2018 The Dystopian (to be released Jan 5th, 2018)
2013 Corporatocracy CD, EP, LP
2012 The Age Of Dumb CD, LP
2009 "Vid Helvetets Grindar" CD
2007 Split album w/ Relevant Few
2007 Svarta dagar CD
2006 Hjärtslag Och Djupa Andetag CD, DEMO


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