HEAVING EARTH Czech Republic



Heaving Earth were found in fall 2007 when four skilled muscians were connected with the same vision of dark infernal death metal. The band has begun to compose material with which they intended to attack stages towards the end of 2008. During this time, three promo songs were recorded and released through French underground label NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUT as a CD-R demo entitled "Vision Of The Vultures“. The band actually fulfilled the intention and played two gigs at the end of 2008. Convinced, that live performing is important for us, we are trying to play more and more. Our another goal is to record the first full-length CD during spring/summer 2009 in Davos Records studio in Vyskov.

Line-up :

Tomas Stulík – voice

Tomas Halama – gutair

Patrik Snobl – guitar

Jirka Zajic – strategic warheads


no releases


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