URTIKARIA ANAL - Bazukka Dildo


These Mexican simpaticos feel at home in Europe. And also at our place at the Battlefield. It started with their disco enthralling the whole audience in 2009, continued again in 2015 and their next dance stop will be at the upcoming volume. The gentlemen are again going to prepare their pleasant dance music in the vein of all the gore grind classics for us to dance away the whole Trutnov including the shop assistants at the petrol stations and all the forest animals running free under the Snežka mountain.

This is the right party we love best at the OEF and that is the reason we are very much looking forward to their depraved stuff to run through our body cavities!!!


The band started in early 2005, in Monterrey, México as just a purpose of entertaining and deprave the public, by the need of something new,fresh and different of what had already existed not only in this city, but in the country. Ever since the beginning, the band has been formed by the same three members: Pedrofilo Manic Surgeon-guitar, Karnes Gore- vocals, Fangorexxx-drums. A year later, bassist Motaro Grind killer joined the band, but for personal reasons left, and so the founders continued. The name "Urtikaria Anal" has been the same ever since the beginning, we tried to find an original name,and we think we did it, there's no detailed explanation, we wanted something serious but at the same time dirty, sick, and why not? funny. Urtikaria Anal has been influenced by all the bands in the genre: gore, grind, death and more underground subgenres. Also books and horror gore movies, zombies, and everything that has to do with the subject; pornography, paraphilias, fetishism, sadomasochism, bondage and some other dirty stuff. That is Urtikaria Anal, all of that mixed. Our first opportunity of showing up in a festival in our city was in april of 2006 at the Brutal Massacre Fest 2, allong with bands such as Putrid Scum, C.A.R.N.E, Repulsive, and others. By August of 2006, we had the opportunity of participating in the Festival Cultural de Metal (Monterrey) with the spanish Avulsed as the main band.

2007 was a great year, we started recording our first studio material (Divine Depravation) and the opportunity of opening three concerts in Mexico for the legendary band Brujeria, also by the end of the same year, we opened two dates for Severe Torture. At the same time we continued showing up frequently in most states of Mexico in 2007 and 2008. We also did festivals such as: INFEST-IVAL, FESTIVAL CULTURAL DEL METAL, MORBID FEST-VOL-VI, RESACKA FEST, BRUTAL MASACRE FEST, RIO METAL FEST, TUPA TUPA OINK OINK FEST, ASENATH FEST. That left the band with the wanting of more and better achievements, which in 2009 had the opportunity of participating in the most big festival of underground music in the world, OBSCENE EXTREME FEST (Czech Republic) Being one of the very first mexican bands that had participated in such event, leaving a great impression! In that same year, we came up with the idea of celebrating our anniversaries in a very unique way, we call it: EROTIC STRIP BONDAGE SHOW!!!

2013 we had a great year playing in Obscene Extreme America sharing stage with , Dying Fetus , Napalm Death, Macabre, Ratos de Porado, Doom and many more! in 2013 too we play in Hell and Heaven fest with head liners like Motorhead , Anthrax, Testamen, In Flames, Sodom, Exodus, Morbid Angel and more ! And in the summer of 2015 we back to Europe to make almost 2 months of tour over europe and playing again in the Obscene Extreme fest also in Antitrend, Eastfrisian Gore fest and in INFERNAL FEST and more than 20 gigs sharing stage with The Creatures From The Tomb, Bowel Evacuation, Wombstomp, Slavebreed, Analkholic, Mutilated Judge and Gutalax and many more! We had the pleasure of sharing stage with some bands,here are some of them: Avulsed (Spain) in 2006, Brujeria (Mexico) in 2007 - four dates and one date in 2010, Severe Torture (Holland) in 2007- two dates, Rompeprop (Holland) in 2008- two dates, Hirax (USA) in 2007, Toxic Holocaust (USA) in 2008, Onanizer (Czech Rep) in 2008 - two dates, Jig-Ai (Czech Rep) in 2008, Cryptopsy Canada) in 2008, Vital Remains (USA) in 2009, Obscene Extreme Festival 2009 with Napalm Death, Lividity, Municipal Waste, Dead Infection, Ratos de Porao, Blood Duster, Disfear, Venomous Concept, Wolfbrigade, Machetazo, Hail of Bullets, Birdflesh and more!!!


Release date Release name Media
2017 Mexican Gore Grind Mater Compilation
2017 Ahumado Granujo tribute
2016 4 split Moñigo , Mutilated Judge , Semen y Urtikaria Anal CD
2016 Euro Tour Documental DVD
2016 Libido Airbag Tribute
2015 Obscene Extreme Compilation CD
2015 Demoniados tribute a Brujeria
2014 Satanic Nuns Prostitutes
2013 N.G.X. Lucha Extrema Mexicana documental
2013 Obcene Extreme compilation CD
2012 Kamikaze Orgy (the end begins ) CD
2011 Viva la Muerte DVD
2010 AMADO (sound track - film movie)
2008 Resacka united - the drink team CD
2008 Distorsion - the melting pot of music CD
2008 Morbid Fest Live DVD
2007 Divine Depravation CD
2005 Sickofonia Obscena DEMO


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