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It's just a fact. Everyone loves this Swedish band. From punks to grind heads. MOB 47 in action again! This Swedish punk legend is simply immortal. The current line-up has been oxygenated with new blood represented by a new bass player Christoffer (Korsfäst, Lautstürmer among others) in 2017. The whole trio is now ready to pogo the entire Battlefield away!

Maybe we could be pleased by a new recording as the last one came out nine years ago. Anyway, this will be the icing on the cake of the entire anniversary Obscene Extreme Festival in 2018! You can bet on it!!!


Mob 47 was born 1983 and releasing the 11 song cassette ”Hardcore Attack” same year. In April 1984 we recorded 22 songs on a rented portable studio of which nine ended up on the ”Kärnvapen Attack” EP. All of our recordings are made in Bowlingstudion which is actually the rehearsal space we had in a bowling alley. In 1985 we tried being a four piece band with a guy called Robban on vocals. We did a few gigs and recordings together but Robban left after only a few months. Tommy from a band called Crudity took his place.. Later that year Jögge decide to quit and the band dissolved not long after. Almost 20 years later we decided to get together again. The 2005 line up consisted of Johan on base, Jögge vocals, Åke guitar and Chrille drums. We recorded some new material in the summer of 2007 and in 2008 we release a new 7” “Dom Ljuger Igen“ Jugga left the band in November 2007 making MOB 47 a three piece once again. In October 2016 Johan decide to leave the band and from 2017 the new bass player is Christoffer Larsson (Lautstrümer, Korsfäst, Voidfiller).. The Total Mangel Attack Continues !

Åke - Guitar, vocals

Christoffer - Bass

Chrille - Drums


Release date Release name Media
2008 Back To Attack LP
2008 Dom ljuger igen EP
2004 Ultimate Attack CD
1986 Ultrahuset massacre live LP
1985 “Cleanse the bacteria” compilation LP
1985 “Really fast vol2” compilation LP
1985 “Really fast vol2” compilation LP
1985 “Stockholmsmangel” compilation – Tape
1984 Sjuk Värld – Tape
1984 Kärvapen Attack EP
1984 “P.E.A.C.E” compilation LP
1983 Hardcore Attack – Tape


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