TSUBO: a new revelation of the Italian grindcore scene mixing the hyper-blasting adrenaline filled fury of Rotten Sound with psycho-narcotic breaks recalling Brutal Truth and Cephalic Carnage!! They're ready to turn the OEF stage to pieces and introduce their full length album out on SOA Records!!!


Just about the end of 2003, between Agropontino and the province of Rome, three lads start playing together. Their names are Fasano (guitar), Giorgioni (vocals) and Erkz (drums). Their first songs take shape (one only still appears, at least for the moment, on today’s tracklist: Silhouette) and the pursuit for a bass player begins, quickly to be achieved after the arrival of Gux in the first months of 2004. At the same time Giorgioni, who finds an excellent vocal support in Gux, also takes up guitar duties to thicken the wall of sound of what will soon be known as TSUBO. At the beginning of 2005 the drummer Erkz is replaced by ThrasherDemo... the band leaves their old songs behind and starts composing brand new ones. After few months the four take up the name TSUBO and, despite the short repertoire, they make their first live appearances without neglecting the rehearsal room in anticipation of the band’s debut recording that’ll eventually happen in November: “Promo 2005”. The band still keeps on playing throughout Italy as well as composing and taking part in various compilations (“Spreading the sickness vol. I” on Mutilated Records; “Italia Violenta”). After several delays due to force majeure, TSUBO manage to re-enter the studio in the summer of 2007 (this was meant to be in late 2006) and give birth to the first album “ANUS MUNDI”, eventually released in early 2008 on the historical SOA RECORDS.

TSUBO are:

Giorgioni: vocals/guitar

Fasano: guitar

Gux: bass/vocals

ThrasherDemo: drums


Release date Release name Media
2008 Anus Mundi
2007 Italia Violenta
2007 Spreading the Sickness Vol. I


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