In summer 2007, the only original guitar player of MINCING FURY - Mara - left this band after successful and beerfull 7 years. Mara decided to create a new noise-machine and start to play more dancing and catching music than in MINCING FURY. In that moment, SPINELESS FUCKERS were born. Originally it was 2 piece band - Mara (guitar) and Vren (vocals) + drum machine. Few weeks after needless drink-hours in rehearshal room with stupid drum machine, 2 new members joined the band - Kure as second singer and Reef (singer of –MINCING FURY) – God knows why – he started to play drums. After few first gigs, another ex-member of MINCING FURY – Fik – joined on bass and Vren was replaced by Milcunt on vocals (btw. he is also singer of MINCING FURY). Now it seemed like MINCING FURY were transformed into a new band completely. Anyway music was little bit different, on the other hand, touches of composition duo (Mara+Fik) was still quite significant. At the end of the 2007, Milcunt decided to left the band and continue singing just in MINCING FURY which was reborn with new members meanwhile. SPINELESS guys have found second singer right after that - his nickname is Majkos. In this 5-piece line-up band played several shows around Czech Republic, as well as one show in Germany and Slovakia. In May and August 2008 SxFx recorded debut CD entitled "Piggy Puppies" in studio Davos in Vyskov (Czech Republic) with big help of Otyn (drummer of PIGSTY). This CD contains 21 trax on 28 minutes and it´s full of funny, catchy and dancing grind/death/HC stuff - released by Bizarre Leprous Productions in September 2008. Meanwhile, Majkos decided band during summer "break" due to personal reasons. Now, band continue in 4 members and play more gigs and start working on new material for second CD which is in plan in the middle of 2009. You can hear few songs from upcoming second full length CD on live performance on Obscene Extreme Festival this year!


Release date Release name Media
2008 Piggy Puppies


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