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If you don't like Swedish crust, you're probably going to find OBSCENE EXTREME 2012 a loooooooong weekend indeed, as Lidköping's M:40 are celebrating their tenth anniversary of being a band by punching in your eardrums until blood dribbles down your shirt.

Typically blistering Swedish hardcore, delivered with knuckle-whitening grindcore intensity, M:40 borrowed their bassist from the punishing EXHALE in 2007 and it shows as the acidic 2008 7” EP 'INDUSTRIALANDSKAP' cranked their signature sound up a few notches to fast and furious perfection.


M:40 was formed year 2002 in Lidköping, Sweden, so they've been around for almost ten years now! Brutal Swedish crust/hardcore like a mix of Skitsystem, Tragedy, Neurosis, Victims and so on... M:40 has released two albums, a few ep's and toured Europe a few times in over 10 countries. A new album is in progress, and will be realeased this year!

M:40 is:

Johan - bass

Simon - drums

Sebben - vocals

Daniel - vocals/guitar


Release date Release name Media
2009 M:40/Sand Creek Massacre - split 7"
2008 Industrilandskap 7"


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