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Grind from our northern neighbours. This cannot turn out wrong!!! Following the tradition of great and legendary grind acts such as Squash Bowels or Dead Infection we can introduce you a younger though but no less crushing quartet F.A.M. (Furor Arma Ministr)!!! The guys have been crushing their grindcore with a touch of death metal since 2005 when they were formed on the ruins of the band Dissinter. Since they have put out two full-length albums, one mini CD and a 3-Way split record.

Although F.A.M. have already played at the OEF, it was at the Svojšice venue in 2009 which means that it will be F.A.M.'s premiere at the Battlefield!!! Having gained experiences during joint concerts with bands such as Napalm Death, Ratos de Porao, Hail of Bullets or Squash Bowels the guys will show us they really know how to crush bones !!! And we will arrange for a crushing moshpit at the Battlefield!!!


F.A.M. - (Furor Arma Ministrat) 2005 band was founded  due to Mlody and Stoker, members of DISSENTER. The first material called "Panzergrind"  was recorded in  2006 in Hellsound  studio, in Wrocław. In 2007 "Bullet(in)", a debut record,   was recorded  in Wroclaw studio -JM Recordings.The edition  is released due to Scrotum Jus Records from Singapore. F.A.M. starts its touring activity and performs , among others, at Obscene Extreme festival.In the meantime, there are lineup changes and new material, for a new record, is being made.First of all, split material is recorded, which finally is released at the end of 2013. Let It Bleed Records is the official editor. So far, the band Has been touring in Poland, The Czech Republic ,Slovakia and Germany ( with Napalm Death, Ratos de Porao, Disfear, Hail of Bullets,Anaal Nathrakh, Sinister, SepticFlesh, Squash Bowels, Parricide and others).Second album „Human Cargo” released by Deformeathing Production. The  Album contains 14 tracks, on the verge of  death metal and grindcore, flavoured by controlled madness.

2018 - New line up - New brutality, band preparing new material and played some gigs in Czech rep.(last one was NICE TO EAT YOU DEATH FEST)

Line up:

Chorzo –- Vox (Cień)
Nelek - guitars (Squash Bowels, ex-Banisher)
Armagog - bass (Embrional, Throneum, AHP)
Darek Młody - drums (Squash Bowels, Embrional, Amorphous, Xaoz, ex-Christ Agony, Dissenter)


Release date Release name Media
2016 Human Cargo CD
2013 Radical Circus Team 3-way split CD z Nuclear Vomit, Grindbashers (Let It Bleed Records) CD
2007 Bullet(in) CD
2006 Panzergrind MC (TAPE)


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