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In a time of boring, regurgitated mediocre music, a scene in turmoil cried out for some fast-core. They are Voetsek, a mighty thrash-unit from the Bay Area, forged in the heat of the pit. The power... the blast beats... the git licks... their sickness will change the world...


Formed in 2002 by Ami LawLess and Athena Dread, Voetsek has played supporting slots on some killer shows locally and recorded their first ep for the mighty Six Weeks Records which was recorded and mixed by Noah Landis of Neurosis, art was done by Mike V. of Capitalist Casualties. After a few lineup changes and a US tour with Municipal Waste (69 shows in one summer), Voetsek had a solid lineup now featuring Scotty Karate (Deadfall) on drums and Jef Leppard (STFU) on guitar. Together they recorded a split 10" with Japan's Chainsaw and Conga Fury (625 Thrash) and hit the road, relentlessly touring the states and creating a frenzied demand for their blend of fastcore, thrash and hardcore punk with sweet metal licks. On these crazed tours Voetsek has played a variety of venues from basement shows to rawker bars, to junk yards and theaters decimating every audience in their wake. Between tours they hit the studio to record their first album "The Castrator Album" (Six Weeks, recorded by Bart Thurber) and it proceeded to blow minds and change lives. The band was constantly in the studio recording over 100 songs which were released as an ep (Deep Six records) various comps (Sound Pollution Records, Six Weeks, 625, De Rok) and splits with Brody's Militia/Widespread Bloodshed (Torture Garden), Cold War (Deep Six), Banjax (MCR Co.) and Unholy Grave (Haunted Hotel). Summer 2007 saw Voetsek travel across the ocean to Japan with Capitalist Casualities where they slayed the land of the rising sun playing sold out shows across the country. Upon returning home the band decided to step it up a notch and add a second guitar player, Benny the Chef to False Metal (Population Reduction) and began working on what will be their next thrash-terpiece, "The Invisible Thrasher". Slated for release by SelfMadeGod records in Europe and Tankcrimes in the US. Voetsek will then embark on their first european tour in summer 2008, hitting up the Obscene Extreme fest and slaying bars, squats and stages everywhere.


Release date Release name Media
2008 "The Invisible Thrasher" CD, LP
2007 Split w/ Unholy Grave 5"
2007 Split w/ Cold War 7"


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