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Going to a Speck show is no wrong desicion and can be recommended to any punk, hard-core, free-jazz, no-wave, death-metal fan. Also much the same with unfullfilled psychotherapists, thrill-seeking top-managers and jet-lag tormented art nerds.

Speck lyrics are clever statements about the ordinary stupid life and the inability to keep track with one's own life. The song Lamp Of Pink Fleshť says: No need to be dead to rest in peaceť. Right! Cool down honey: there's calm after the storm.

Speck is a David Lynch movie compressed to 30 seconds.

Speck is a 30 second Andy-Hug-kick.

Speck is the vegetarian world-order.

Speck is the galactic errection.

Choose what suits you best.


Speck was formed in 1996, to put shitloaded moods into short songs. The current formation exists since 1998. Speck played many locations throughout Europe and are known for outstanding brutal funny things such as drive-by gigs, silly stage outfits or just their good looks. Toured with "hip" bands such as D.R.I. and The Locust, supported Murphy`s Law, Garlic Boys and not so "hip" ones. In 2006: Released their 7th recording, the "FURIA E.P" on A TREE IN A FIELD RECORDS. Speck used to release the satirical SPECK-O-POLITAN magazine, the worlds smallest 40-page-fanzine.

Lars Wenger: Vocals

Michael Krisztmann: Guitar/Vocals

Niels Werdenberg: Drums

Marlon McNeill: Bass/Vocals/Organ


Release date Release name Media
0 "Maybe My Tatoos Are The Reason She Left Me" LP
0 "Honest Words And Broken Knuckles" CD
0 "Furia" MC (TAPE)


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