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Another day at OBSCENE EXTREME, and another undisputed grindcore gods. German perverts DEAD, have honed their brand of abrasive, sewer-trudging „sleaze grind“ since 1991, making this trio the Ron JEREMY of the scene – ugly to look at and to listen to, but when they go to „work“ with their massive „instruments“ you can't help but be impressed.

Call them pornogrind at your peril, DEAD instead walk a path inspired by early CARCASS and AUTOPSY, but armed with the sort of groove that would get latest album, 2011's „HARDNAKED... BUT DEAD“, played in Los Angeles strip clubs if the world was a better place.


DEAD was founded in Nuremberg by Dany R. (g/v), Uwe S. (w/v) and Peter K. (d/v) as a pure gore-grind band early May 1990. Musical role models were particularly Carcass, Pungent Stench, and Autopsy.

After the publication of the first demo in 1991, the band got immediately signed at "Poserslaughter Records" (Berlin) who released the first 7’’ EP within the same year. A split-CD and the first two full-length albums followed later on in continued cooperation. As DEAD was not contractually bound to this label, further 7 "and split 7" EP's were simultaneously also released by other underground record companies. Since the second EP "Slaves to abysmal perversity", the band changed their textual orientation. Gore lyrics were now completely replaced by pornographic contents - filled with black, nasty/filthy humour. (According to Wikipedia, DEAD is entitled “as the initiator of the so-called Porngrind”)

After the appearance on the “Fuck the Commerce 2"-festival, DEAD disbanded in May 1998 due to the quit of Peter K. 3 years passed and in 2001 they started to rehearsal once again their old material for just one single gig ( under the pseudonym “Les Stars Du Rock Porno” ) before they decided to revive DEAD in 2004, by a new signing at the Japanese label “Obliteration Records" - who also organised the first mini-tour in Japan in the same year. Peter K. left the band one year later once again and was immediately replaced by Ali A. (drums for MAGGOT SHOES) as a new permanent band member.

In 2005 a second tour in Japan followed, next to important appearances at e.g. the Party-San-, Obscene Extreme Festival, and the "Maryland Death Fest" in the United States. Towards the end of 2008, Uwe decided to leave the band due to differing personal interests. But as the two remaining members had a suitable successor just available (Volker E.), the exchange proceeded without neither problems nor delays. With the new line-up they immediately signed at "War Anthem Records" for the next album “In the bondage of vice” which was released mid of June 2009.

2 years later DEAD will release the next full-length album “Hardnaked...but DEAD!” via FDA Rekotz on 18th NOV 2011.

DEAD is 100% Sleaze Grind Metal Music!!!!


Release date Release name Media
2011 Dead / Embalming Theatre Split
2011 Hardnaked…but DEAD! Full-length
2011 For Lovers of the New Bizarre Full-length
2009 In the Bondage of Vice Full-length
2008 Haemorrhage / Dead Split CD, LP


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