FUCKSAW United States



Fucksaw began in 2005 as a side project to the many project both Jim (A.I.D.S.) and Kevin (El Comando Garcez 6eis 6eis 6eis) had at the time. The aim of Fucksaw was to produce a new style of music, not to the underground scene, but to our region in the U.S.A. as not many peoples here are doing tekkno goregrind. With the magic of AIDS on his programming and the harmonized gurgles of Comando Garcez Fucksaw quickly grew in popularity. Fucksaw was a way for both members to travel to any place in the world to play shows with little more than and MP3 player and a guitar. In addition to many local shows (Milwaukee, Chicago) Fucksaw was soon asked to play the Massacre Fest in Mexico City… a dream come true to both members. Not many Americans are tough enough to travel into the heart of the beautiful Latin culture that is Mexico, but Fucksaw did, twice. Each time making new friends and fans along the way. The performance at Massacre Fest was a great success and the crowd had enjoyed themselves the entire time. There is no greater feeling to have fans want to have their picture with you, or to receive most everything for free… but the best was when a fan took his shirt off directly after the fest to give to Comando Garcez as a gift for their performance. It is things like this that make traveling the world worthwhile and most importantly, spreading the disease that is Fucksaw! Fucksaw has also traveled, but not performed in Holland, Germany (Just Killers Fest), Malaysia, US and Mexico - just to travel and visit friends such as Rompeprop, Grindustry, Gore Sluts, Sperm Blast, Electro Toilet Syndrome, Jig-Ai, Sapien's End and many, many more! Maybe Fucksaw will be sleeping on your floor some day soon!!!!


Release date Release name Media
0 100 way split CD featuring many amazing underground bands with original materials for this split CD!
0 Fucksaw / C.A.R.N.E. (Mex) split CD CD
0 4-way Pornogoremageddon split CD w/ Tumour, Bloody Diarrhea, Psychosadistic Haterapist, Fucksaw


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