Three grindfreaks, one van, and the raw-as-fuck chaos of early NAPALM DEATH, ASSUCK and AGATHOCLES, Turkish trio SAKATAT have crawled relentlessly across Europe from Greece and the Balkans, all the way across to the Netherlands and France to unleash their toxic brand of old school grind on whoever will listen.

With a number of underground and low-key releases (including splits with MESRINE and AGATHOCLES), SAKATAT have built up a reputation for their fiercely energetic live shows, and OBSCENE EXTREME 2012 will be one of their greatest yet!!!


SAKATAT has gone a long way from a basement in a relatively small in Turkey: they’ve toured different parts of Europe four times in three years, played rad festivals like Obscene, Play Fast or Don’t, Mountains Of Death, Paranoya and Bloodshed, put out numerous 7”s that include the recent split 7”s with MESRINE and DISPEPSIAA on which they’ve sharpened and tightened their brand of raw and filthy old school grindcore with “excellent, raw and sharp sound, killer, flesh-ripping riffs, bombastic drumming, dual gruff growling and raspy shrieking vocals” and “stomach churning grunts, machine gun blast beats, dizzying moments of tension and breakout d-beats and shrieks” that is “punching you in the solar plexus”!

At last, 2012 will see the release of their first full-lenght CD/LP to be released in time for an over 1-month-long tour that is planned to kick off a week before Obscene Extreme Fest 2012 and include about 30 gigs in about 15 different countries, this time the Balkans too!

So, fans of early-NAPALM DEATH, S.O.B., EXCRUCIATING TERROR, WARSORE, AGATHOCLES, ASSÜCK and early/pre-grindcore from the previous century in general, don't miss 'em out!


Release date Release name Media
2008 "Yolun Sonu" Limited Tour CD 2008 Self released CD
2008 split 7" w/ ARCHAGATHUS 2008 To Live A Lie
2008 split 7" w/ SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENTS 2008
2007 split 7" w/ AGATHOCLES 2007 Bringer Of Gore


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