Sweden's grindcore heritage scarcely needs any qualification here, and every year OBSCENE EXTREME is host to some of the most furious, ripsaw-savage bands that nation can produce.

No return is as eagerly anticipated as SPLITTER. Forming in 2003, these Stockholm-based brutalists joined the OBSCENE PRODUCTIONS grindcore family for their second EP, 2006's ŇEN SORGLIG HISTORIA,Ó impressing the crowds at OBSCENE EXTREME that same year with their unrelenting barrage of death-laden, up-tempo grind. Playing again in 2008, they also took the devastation to North America with a 2009 set at MARYLAND DEATH FEST, and ended that same year touring with the mighty NAPALM DEATH.

Back from a break, with new material and a renewed sense of vigour, Swedish grindcore is hitting OBSCENE EXTREME 2012 like an avalanche.


Starting up in 2003 in Sweden as more or less a joke Splitter evolved into of the most interesting and respected young grindcore acts coming out off Sweden. Obscene Productions early saw the potential and hooked them up to the label.

A few different bass players have passed through the band but the core always stayed intact. The first Splitter show ever in 2004 was as support to the almighty Nasum and the road was paved. Several tours in Europe and the US. Albums as well as split releases with bands like Fromtheashes, F.U.B.A.R. and compilations in South East Asia. Then everything stopped.

Now in 2012 Splitter will be reborn. The urge to destroy everything in that typical Swedish grindcore manner is stronger than ever. Are you ready?

Splitter is:

Fredrik Thalberg - vocals

Niklas Holm - guitar

Thimmy Broden - guitar and back vocals

Daniel Hermansson - bass and backing vocals

Oskar Pihl Hedberg - drums


Release date Release name Media
2008 SPLITTER / F.U.B.A.R. split CD/LP CD, LP
2007 Avskrackande Exemplar CD/LP CD, LP


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