When making music it is crucial that it is a entertainment for both the band and the fans. These lunatics from Germany stick to this perfectly. Their performance is a pure pleasure. Their mix of grind / death metal and all the musical styles you could ever think of is a unbelievable fun. Moreover, if you see them in their mad costumes, with insane expressions on their faces and poses on the stage, you will for sure not be able to hide your smile. 

All in all everybody who appeared on the Trutnov Battlefield in 2008 is with me now. It is really admirable that a band whose credo is „Fun is the main thing“ has managed to perform on the stages of the biggest festivals like Wacken Open Air, Summer Breeze Open Air. You could also see them at Brutal Assault. They have seven standard length recordings under their belt to create a perfect concert playlist full of hyperbole and humour. Come to enjoy that!!!


The Excrementory Grindfuckers are the bloody beef at the metal-buffet, the pain in the music industry's ass, the new pink within the black metal scene. They started off as a sorry contestant among well-gloomed metal studs, becoming the vivid "Headliner of Hearts" - the Excrementory Grindfuckers got it made after a decade and 4 albums, turning the ladder of success upside down and taking a piss from up there. Devoid of business professionals these anti-heroes gained a solid fanbase consisting of approx. 6,8 billion people. And all this without taking off their panties! Selling souls, dumbing brains - that's old news! Now it's time for winning hearts! Love is grindcore! Grindcore is love!   

Rob (Getarre, Gekreische / Guitar, Vocals) 
Christus (Gekloppe / Drums) 
Kai (Gebrülle / Vocals) 
ND (Gebrumme / Bass) 
Mike (Geklimper / Keys)


Release date Release name Media
2014 Rampampampam Weinachten mit den Grindfuckers
2013 Ohne Kostet Extra
2012 Aus Liebe zum Geld
2010 Headliner der Herzen
2007 re-release "Guts, Gore & Grind"
2007 "Bitte nicht vor den Gästen!"
2007 Guts, Gore & Grind, Re-release with Bonus
2004 "Fertigmachen, Szeneputzen!"
2001 Guts, Gore & Grind


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