Roel Nydoom's Anal Penetration stand for 666 bpm drums, gore and grindcore! He blasts his ass off in bands like: LSD Mossel, The Bitch in the Van, Suppository, and more. But on his own on stage, this misantropic grinder know's how to bring you the action, this is how a 1 man band should grind!!!


A.P. started in the end of 2000 out of the ashes of a obscure grind/death band that was rotting away the cellars of the legendary Dynamo club in Eindhoven (NL) since 1998. The first A.P. recordings where very primitive grind punk & death with programmed drums blasting through the stereo, a dirty guitar amp and an old school cassette recorder, everything recorded live, loud and d.i.y.. Some songs appeared on obscure underground compilation CD-r and tapes from all around the world. During the years the recordings developed by using a 4 track recordings and a drumtracker that could handle the speed that was intended. In 2003 Last house on the right records (U.S.A.) picked up a demo and started to release some split CD’s ( Anal Whore, Faeces Eruption, Tumour… ) for dirty minds only. The recording facilities became better when the money started flowing into the Ass Studio resulting in the massive first full length in 2007 "Spray for Jesus"... the speedwanking continues...

In 2003 one try out gig was done at home in front of a few people and a pissed of neighbour. After that A.P. performs live as a one man band with wall of sound induced by the programmed drums, a guitar and some vocal escapades since early 2005 after a year of whining by Geert (I hate humanity records) who organised the legendary Grind over Gemert fest in NL. More gigs where done in Belgium, NL and France and some cool festivals like Bloodshedfest (NL), Divine Noise Entertainment Party (Germany), Rectal Zwembadfest (NL), Blastonbury (U.K.) and Caos Emergente (Portugal).....the conquering of your rectum continues...

Line-up :

Nydoom: Drumprogramming, Guitars, Vocals


Release date Release name Media
2008 split CD with Punished Earth
2007 Anal Penetration / Stoma split CD-r live 2006 @ little devil
2007 Spray for Jesus


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