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Nobody likes style over substance, especially not grindcore fans – but style and substance? Hell yeah, that shit's the holy grail of rumbling crust grind, and it's only right that you should find it at OBSCENE EXTREME 2011.

Everything you need to know about DEATH TOLL 80K (a good '80s, nuclear terror name!) you can get from the cover of their debut album, the long awaited “Harsh Realities” (another good, solid punk rock album title) on FDA REKOTZ, with the vinyl and CD covers showing good old fashioned crust images of wartorn landscapes and uncaring soldiers.

Maximum crust points!

Forming in 2005 in Lappeenranta, Finland, by 2008 this youthful, fresh-faced four-piece had already toured Germany, Sweden, the Czech Republic and played the mighty OBSCENE EXTREME for the first time, following this up with a European tour with Turkish blastmasters SAKATAT, and a Finnish tour with the much hyped BLOODY PHOENIX.

DEATH TOLL 80K have proved themselves every bit the relentless brutalists their name, and sound - all AGATHOCLES, early NAPALM DEATH, FEAR OF GOD, INSECT WARFARE, LYCANTHROPY, etc etc - suggests.

If they were American, they'd be on 625 THRASH, and that's as high as praise possibly gets.


2005 - formed in March by Oula and Tomi in Lappeenranta, Iiro replaces Riku on bass during the summer.

2006 - first shows in Lappeenranta, first demo out in May

2007 - Jake leaves the band, Jori joins, some shows around Finland

2008 - more shows around Finland, second demo and a 4-way tape out in June, first european tour (Sweden, Germany, Czech, OEF), Iiro decides to leave the band but still plays on the tour

2009 - Ville joins the band, split 7'' with Archagathus out and a small tour in Finland with Bloody Phoenix in March, split 7'' with Hermann Schenker out in April, some more shows including Hässäkkäpäivät Goes Pottupeltorock and Puntala-rock, 3-week European tour with Sakatat in August/September

2010 - slow year for the band, only a couple of shows in Finland

2011 - 2-week European tour with Powercup in June/July, first full-lenght CD/LP out.


Oula - vocals

Tomi - guitar

Ville - bass

Jori - drums


Release date Release name Media
2011 Harsh Realities CD, LP
2009 Death Toll 80k/Hermann Schenker split 7''
2009 Death Toll 80k/Archagathus split 7''


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