NAMEK Portugal



Neskutečně úderný grindcore z portugalské Almady z kterého můžžete vycítit old school grind kapel jako Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Carcass, Repulsion ale třeba i něco temných vlivů Celtic Frost!!!


The first incarnation of NAMEK was spawned in 1998, by the hands of Dr. Lombrigus (Vitor Mendes, guitar) and Oktopus (Simăo Santos, bass and vocals), as a drum machine side-project. In late 2000, these two pervs recorded their first material: two demos that would be later released under the pseudonym ULTRAPODRE in a split tape with canadian grind freaks FUCK THE FACTS (War Prod.) The material was a strange crossover between MORTICIAN's mechanized lunacy and GUT's lyrical concept. Due to musical differences, the project ended: Simăo joined portuguese Death/Grind veterans GROG and Vitor returned to SYSTEMATIC COLLISION. But in December 2001, NAMEK (as it is known today) reared its ugly head! Simăo joined forces with ex-GROG drummer Beto and ex-DEVICE guitarrist Alex. The band began to rehearse regularly, and during that year's spring the band would record the track "Women in Decay" for the GUT Tribute CD, under American Line Productions. In the summer of 2003, hailing from the distant Azores, another nerd joined NAMEK as a 2nd guitarist: Paulo, ex-CARNIFICATION. This fine young pervert would bring the band the necessary strength to turn NAMEK into a grindcore colossus, or, at least, a relevant Duran Duran covers band! In the end of 2005, Simăo decided to focus on vocals, and in came Samuel to fill in the bass slot. NAMEK played some shows with this lineup during 2006, with the highlight being the appearance on the Caos Emergente festival, where they shared the stage with the mighty COCK AND BALL TORTURE. 2007 would see NAMEK back in the studio recording new material. Tracks for some compilations and EP's were recorded, now with Nelson (PUSSYVIBES vocalist) handling the bass. With the new lineup, NAMEK hits the stage on the Bracara Extreme festival, and despite being out of the stages for more than a year, they put up a performance that is hailed as one of the highlights of the two day event! But this would be the last concert for guitarist and founding member Alex, in November he decides to leave the band. NAMEK continues as a four piece, but the goal is still the same: to pummel audiences everywhere with testosterone-filled grindcore!


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2008 Split EP with PARRICIDE
2007 Splatter Fetish 100way CD
2006 "Vaginator" CD


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