Je skvělá, mladá ale přesto kick-ass grind parta z Polska!!! Tahle kapela byla vžždycky na hraně pozvání na OEF a kolikrát jsem si říkal žže je čas...na své zcela nové nahrávce mě naprosto přesvědčili, grindující zběsilost s jakou utočí na připravovaném split EP s naššinci JIG-AI je naprosto strhující a není možžné tuhle kapelu dále „ignorovat“!!!


Ass To Mouth is a young grindcore band from Poland. It was formed in the very end of 2004 in the four piece lineup: Sandro - vocals, Jarek - bass & vocals, Maciek - guitar, Pablo - drums. From the beginning ATM was working hard on their stuff and of course…they were never sober. They had played their first shows on April 2005 and through the past two and a half year they did more than 60 gigs in countries like Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Germany, touring with Squash Bowels, Jig-Ai, Neuropathia, Parricide, Ahumado Granujo, Epitome, and also sharing stage with other great bands like Devourment, Regurgitate, Inhumate, Dead Infection or Ingrowing. In the middle of 2007 Sandro left the band, and old friend Jankes, known also from Peacemaker & Drowned Child, became new ATM’s voice. By now, their only release is promo MCD called "Asses For The Masses" (self released, 2006), but lately, already in a new lineup, Ass To Mouth recorded their new stuff for an upcoming split 7” EP with Jig-Ai from Czech Republic, which will be released through The Dice Records probably around spring 2008 (new song can be already checked on a band’s page and myspace profile). Right now ATM is working hard on their first full length album that will be out on april 2008, through Lifestage Productions – label owned by the guys from a polish grindcore legend – Squash Bowels . The full CD will be followed with some merch and European tour (april/may) . Stay tuned!

Present line-up:

Jankes – vocals

Jarek – bass & vocals

Maciek – guitar

Pablo - drums


no releases


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