DISCARGA – je fastcore/hardcore/punk ze Sao Paula, z Brazílie!!! DISCARGA jsou skutečné nekompromisní, old school hardcore bojovníci razící jediné heslo Play fast or dieeeeeeeeeeee!!!


Some years ago, hardcore punk suddenly started to witness the emergence of countless bands playing fast, straight forward music, in an attempt to revive a genre many of us grew up moshing to. Old school enthusiasts were blown away by the growing interest in a hardcore music style which, according to them, was being forgotten or put aside in a time when hardcore was going totally metal. The so called fast hardcore revival was everywhere. Needless to say, a great number of bad unauthentic bands were around. Bands like Charles Bronson and What Happens Next?, however, set fire to hardcore by bringing back fast and truly energetic music played with passion.

Meanwhile, the periphery of hardcore punk was giving birth to what would become one of the best and most intense fast hardcore bands of today: Discarga, from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Third World Hardcore's powerful trio Discarga started out some time in '98 and, right after a couple of months of practicing, took part in a compilation called "Protesto Punk". A year later, they recorded their first demo, which got some really crazy response everywhere and ended up drawing attention from Max 625 Thrash, who immediately asked them to do a record with his label. They soon recorded a truly amazing 7" for 625 and went on tour in Brazil and Argentina.

After the 7", Discarga put out a second demo and wrote a couple of tracks for compilations. One of the original members, Douglas, quit the band and Juninho, who plays in Point of No Return (Sao Paulo's left wing vegan sxe machine) joined the band as a temporary replacement, but ended up becoming a real member.

They wound up joining Brazil's Läjä Records, which put out a really great CD compiling most of Discarga's stuff recorded up to then. A true fast hardcore classic that became the ultimate hardcore soundtrack all over Brazil on their successful tour with What Happens Next?.

An extensive tour in the Northeastern part of Brazil, where bands don't normally play due to the incredibly long distances, and a split CD with Infect (all girl old school band from Sao Paulo), were the follow up to their incredible first CD. This year they just recorded six new tracks and a Septic Death cover (right on!) that will come out as a 7" on Pecúlio Records, Ratos de Porao drummer's label. Besides, Discarga is currently writing new songs for their first full length with only unreleased tracks, on Liberation/Läjä. They will also tour Europe for the first time in August. You Europeans out there can expect some of the most powerful and intense fast hardcore you'll ever see live, as well as an amazing record filled with passionate music and sarcastic politically motivated lyrics.

2003 was a remarcable year. It was then that they recorded their first disc and soon afterwards a 7” disc launched them into a success tour through Europe where they shared the stage with bands like Seein Red, Vitaminx and Integrity, in the main European DIY festivals. Since then, back to their country, they’ve made many shows in a tour through the Northeast of Brazil and other states. In 2005 two new recordings a split LP with their struggling countrymen I Shot Cyrus and a 7” together with the amazing band Catalán H-Zero. This anticipate a second tour to Europe (also with I Shot Cyrus)- what led them to play in many countries a long time dreamed of, such as Sueden, Portugal and Spain.

Over the last 2 years, dispite the fact that manu thought they had vanished they went on playing. Now they are back with a new disco that people say it is insane and full of references to music in general. Play fast or die!


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2008 Discarga
2005 Discarga/H-Zero split 7"
2005 Discarga/I Shot Cyrus split LP


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