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Holandská poklona pro grindcore hrdinu Mieszko Talarczyka!!! Absolutní grindcore sypec po „ššvédsku“ a nutnost pro true grinders!!! Dalšší ššokující, ostrá grind jízda!!!


Holland’s brightest grindband DrDoom is ready to shine and take a prominent spot in the music scene, that’s rightfully theirs. Constructing perfectly balanced music moulded by intensity and emotion.

The band combines all kinds of influences, and blend them into one, pushing the genre forward to a new experience. Ear bleeding grindcore mixed up with black & death metal, even some drone, noise and stoner ‘touches’ make this band truly one of a kind.

By staying close to their roots, with a driven conviction, knowledge and experience, the band already made a rocket launch in the first months of their existence.

Sharing the stage with bands like Cephalic Carnage, Ed Gein, The Locust, Brutal Truth, Regurgitate, Inhume and so many more. A MCD out on Crashlanding Records & Scrotum Jus Records almost sold out in the few months of it’s existence and an expanding fan base, are just the first few arrows the band will point in the world.

Upcoming tours are already booked. A performance on several festivals like Trashfest, ZXZW & Bloodshed and plans to record a full length are made as we speak as well as a split cd/vinyl with Collision coming this winter on Everydayhate and Scrotum Jus records!

Line Up:

Eli – Vocals

Mart – Guitars

Jb – Bass

Joris – Drums


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2008 DrDOOM full lenght LP
2007 "DrDoom" MC (TAPE)


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