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Po letech přátelství, mnoha uražžených pivech, nedostatku skutečného crustu bylo rozhodnuto, čas pro ALEHAMMER nadeššel!!! Inspirováni Warhammer (řádně ostrý tribut Hellhammer z devadesátých let) a starými nahrávkami DISCHARGE tvoří hluk který nepostrádá syrovost starých, dobrých časů!!!


Back in 1999 scoot (then guitar player of hellkrusher and still in extinction of mankind) was in chicago visiting Karl (Impulse Manslaughter, one of the usa's first punk bands steering towards the crust grindcore vein back in the 80s before it was ever a trend) and joked about doing a band along the lines of warhammer/hellhammer and crust bands like deviated instinct called alehammer as we shared a commen interest in the fine beverage ALE (not fizzy lager), the friendship maintained and then in 2006, shrub and shrew (uk grindcore legends prophecy of doom) wantes to do a band with scoot to celebrate shrub's birthday spookily he wanted to call it alehammer and so karl without a shadow of a doubt was drafted in, the first recording was done in august 2006 and released as a 10" pic disc with alehammer beer mat, called "mine's a pint of crust" on agipunk records, in 2007 the band got together in october 2 days before the very first gig at the 1in12 bradford and also recorded 5 new trax for "at war with straightedge" soon to be released again by agipunk, a tour of europe is planned for 2008 to fit in with their appearance at this years awesome obscene extreme fest you have been warned!!! drunk and ugly. So drop the fizzy piss and grab a real brew WE ARE ALEFUCKINGHAMMER!!!

the line up is :

Karl - vox & abuse

Shrub - bass(tard)

Shrew - drumzzzzz

Scoot - geetar


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0 "At War With Straightedge" DVD
0 At War With Bradford" DVD
0 "Mine's A Pint Of Crust" 10"LP LP


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