VISCERA INFEST - Macular Dystrophy (Stargardt Disease)


In 2019 again, as it is the case almost every year, we will have the representatives of the crazy Japanese scene at the OEF. This time our invitation went to the city of Oita in the south of Japan where three samurai calling themselves VISCERA INFEST will attack us from!!! The guys started in 1998 producing brutal pathological grind right from the beginning. It is characterized by a superluminal speed of the drummer Yuyi whose videos from the rehearsals of VISCERA INFEST do overwhelm you with wonder. 

The trio has two albums, several other recordings and of course many gigs in Asia, America or Mexico under their belt. This year, for the first time, they will tour Europe and the OEF 2019 will be one of the few of their European stops to dissect you totally!!! We believe that you will prepare a great OEF moshpit these samurai will never forget and where we will do the dance these masters invented!!! COCKROACH MOSHING AT OEF!!!


VISCERA INFEST - High Speed Gore Grind Bulldoze from Oita, South Japan, formed in 1998.

Released 2 full album and 1 split CD with Mexican Gore Sickos, Paracocci…. 

The band toured Indonesia, Korea, Mexico so far.

In 2018, The band toured first time in North America. Played some local shows and Maryland Deathfest, Earslaughter Fest (Canada).


Release date Release name Media
2018 Live At Asakusa Deathfest 2017 Cassette / Headsplit Records
2015 Verrucous Carcinoma 2nd CD / Obliteration Records
2010 Split CD with Paracocci… (Mex) / Alarma Records / Obliteration Records CD
2007 Sarcoidosis 1st CD / Obliteration Records CD
2005 Demo Single CD / Sick!!!Sick!!!Sick!!! Records DEMO


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