CRYPTIC VOID United States

CRYPTIC VOID - Unto the Bondage of Death


Classifications, classifications. You can add the US band CRYPTIC VOID to the style called grind/thrash. Despite all the people who like classifying music we have to say that this is an ultra mega fast, great grind to cause your ears to bleed.

No surprise as the band was formed by ex-members of such bands like Insect Warfare, P.L.F., War Master or Dissent. Grind, death and crust roots are damn solid and if you add up fervour and enthusiasm... you have something to look forward to at the Obscene Extreme Festival in 2019!!!


Cryptic Void hails from Houston, TX and have been keeping Gulf Coast Grindcore alive since 2014, delivering a fresh take on the old school approach to grindcore of furious blast riffs and groovy death metal breakdowns. Their debut release, ‘Psychic Transgressor’, was a sadistic two song tease followed up quickly by ‘Psychomanteum’, an intense assault that set the stage for everything to come. Next was, ‘Wasteland’, a promotional demo for the debut full length ‘Into the Desert Temple’. Beginning to end, this album only lets you take a breath to flip the cord only to hit you even harder with side B. With upcoming splits recorded and the next solo release in the works, expect a whole new crop of punishment in 2019.


Release date Release name Media
2017 I’nto the Desert Temple’ 2017 (Regurgitated Semen Records)
2017 ‘Collection 1’ 2017 (Self Release)
2016 ‘Wasteland’ 2016 (Self Release)
2015 ‘Psychic Transgressor’ 2015 (Torture Garden Picture Company)
2015 ‘Psychomanteum’ 2015 (Rescued From Life Records)


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