This will be a treat for the lovers of primitive noise. Total noise/grind ride performed by the legend of the genre, SUPPRESSION. This uncompromising beast has been around since 1992 having an array of split recordings with other underground legends such as Despise You, Cripple Bastards or Grief.

After an inactive period they are back in full strength with their first album containing 73 songs titled "Placebo Reality" being a proof. In the current two-member line-up, there is the founding member Jason Hodges with his bandmate Ryan Parrish (Iron Regan among others). Noise/grind assault at the OEF 2019!!!


Suppression originally formed in Roanoke, VA in 1992. The original line-up recorded multiple releases, including splits with Despise You, Grief, Facialmess, and Cripple Bastards. The current 2-piece Richmond, VA line-up of Ryan Parrish (Years, Rope Cosmetology, and Iron Reagan) on drums and Jason Hodges (Bermuda Triangles, Oozing Meat, Brown Piss and founding member) on bass and vocals formed in 2000. The 2-piece have recorded numerous releases on multiple labels and have played hundreds of shows together.

Since 2015 Suppression have been recording their own material and have released splits with Reeking Cross, Landfill, Sulfuric Cautery, Sedem Minut Strachu, Energumeno, & Flvx Capacitor. In 2018 a full length LP entitled "Placebo Reality" was released on their own Chaotic Noise Productions label and they toured the United States. Now in 2019 the duo have just finished recording for a split 7 inch with Mellow Harsher and are already working on a few split releases.

Jason Hodges- bass, vocals, electronics
Ryan Parrish- drums, vocals, electronics


Release date Release name Media
2018 "Placebo Reality" first ever full length LP (C.N.P. 2018) LP
2018 split tape with Flvx Capacitor (C.N.P. 2018)
2018 "Abolish Music Now!" flexi 7 inch compilation (Morbidly Hip 2018)
2018 split tape with Unholy Semen (Hair On My Food Tapes 2018)
2017 split 7 inch with Sedem Minut Strachu (RSR 2017)
2017 split tape with Reeking Cross (Septik Brain/ Cadaveric Dissolution 2017)
2017 split tape with Sulfuric Cautery (C.N.P./ Blast Addict/ Grindfather 2017)
2017 split tape with Landfill (C.N.P. 2017)
2017 "Tremendous American Carnage" comp. tape/ CD (Backwoods Butcher 2017) CD
2016 split tape with Energumeno (C.N.P. 2016)
2016 "Oblivion Riders" cassette (C.N.P. 2016)
2015 "Rats In The Control Room" cassette (C.N.P. 2015)
2013 split 7 inch with Bottomfeeder (Born Dead Records 2013)
2013 split 10 inch with No Comply (To Live A Lie 2013)
2012 split 5 inch with Noothgrush (Fuck Yoga/ Blow The Reactors 2012)
2010 "Alliance Of Concerned Men" CD (Magic Bullet Records 2010) CD
2009 "Amputated Brain Stem: 1993-2000" Discography CD (C.N.P. 2009) CD
2005 split 7 inch with Atomatron (C.N.P. 2005)
2004 "Release The Piranha" CD (Underadar 2004) CD
2001 "Burnt Out Receptacles" 7 inch (C.N.P. 2001)
1998 "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" triple 7" compilation (Insolito 1998)
1998 "Audio Terrorism" compilation CD (C.N.P. 1998) CD
1998 3-way live split tape with Enemy Soil, and Mrtva Budoucnost (Psychotherapy Records 1998)
1998 Suppression with Crank Sturgeon split 7" with Misopsychia (Nat Records 1998)
1998 collaboration 7 inch with Facialmess (Clean Plate 1998)
1998 split flexi with Benumb in Monkeybite zine #2 (1998)
1997 "BBBBLLLLEEEEAAAAUUUURRRRGGGGHHHH - A Music War" compilation 7" (Slap A Ham Records 1997)
1997 split 7" with Dahmer (Yellowdog 1997)
1997 "Reality Part 2" compilation LP/ CD (Deep Six Records 1997) CD, LP
1996 split LP with Cripple Bastards (Bovine Records1996) LP
1996 3-way split live tape with El Kaso Urkijo/ Rectal Pus (B-Gore 1996)
1996 "A Product of Six Cents" compilation 7" (Six Cents 1996)
1996 "Speed Freaks Vol.3" compilation 7" (Knot Music 1996)
1996 "Monsters in My Head" compilation 7" (Big City Bastards Records 1996)
1996 "Nothing's Quiet on the Eastern Front" CD/LP compilation (Reservoir 1996)
1995 split 7 inch with Grief (Bovine Records 1995)
1995 split 7 inch with Despise You (Slap A Ham Records 1995)
1995 "Kamikaze Attaked America" compilation CD/LP (Sound Pollution 1995) CD, LP
1995 "Cry Now, Cry Later Vol.3" double 7" compilation (Pessimiser / Theologian 1995)
1994 7 inch version of demo #1 (Sludge Records 1994)
1994 self titled 7 inch (Fetus Records 1994)
1993 demo #1 s/t on (C.N.P. Chaotic Noise Productions1993)
1993 demo #2 "If You Don't Understand Now, You Never Will" (Onkel Tuka Tapes 1993)


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