INVIDIOSUS United States

INVIDIOSUS - Purpose Defeater


These grinders from Minnesota produce grinding death metal offering something to all ages. They carry forward their mission in a playful way straight into the veins.

They can both warm you up with their old school melodics and kick your ass with powerful modern bombshell grind at the same time. Truly-played frenzy that cannot disappoint!!!


INVIDIOSUS is a grinding death metal band hailing from the icy state of Minnesota, USA. INVIDIOSUS has a foundation built on touring relentlessly, completing multiple DIY tours in USA, Mexico, South America, Japan and Korea, in addition to releasing a split with Retortion Terror and self-recording their last several releases. In 2019 INVIDIOSUS has two objectives: release a new full-length album, and destroy Obscene Extreme!!!


Release date Release name Media
2017 Purpose Defeater
2017 Retortion Terror / Invidiosus
2016 Neurotic Misery
2016 Guided Towards the Inevitable EP
2014 Malignant Universe
2014 Overlords of the Apocalypse
2012 Exacerbated Psychosis EP
2010 A Specious Existence DEMO


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