ACTIVE MINDS United Kingdom

ACTIVE MINDS - The Left Need Some New Answers


A veteran band from England that has been around in the DIY hardcore/punk scene for more than 30 years. The band is formed only by a fraternal duo. Even despite this stripped-down line-up, so to say, they can make anyone, who likes fast and punchy hardcore/punk with social-critical lyrics, pogo.

Since 1986, ACTIVE MINDS discography contains both an array of 7-inch splits (e.g. with Yacopsae, Los Rezios, Urko, etc.) and well-received albums. The band's plan for 2019 is a new 10-inch record. Therefore, it is almost certain it will be ready for the Obscene Extreme Festival 2019!!!


Formed in January 1986, Active Minds have been active in the D.I.Y. hardcore punk scene for more than 3 decades. During that time they have released a steady stream of records and have toured Europe extensively many times, as well as playing shows in Japan, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Russia.

Formed from the ashes of S.A.S., Active Minds soon became key players in the D.I.Y. scene in the UK and across Europe at a time when an explosion of underground bands was just beginning. They set up their own label, Loony Tunes Records, to not only put out their own releases but also to support other bands – putting out more than 30 records in the 10 years from 1986 onwards.

Now in their 33rd year of continuous existence, the band show no sign of letting up and are just as active and committed as they ever were. A new 12 song 10” is already recorded for release early in 2019, with further new recordings already planned.


Release date Release name Media
2018 split EP with Los Rezios EP
2018 “The Freedom Of The Borough” EP EP
2017 split LP with Ultimo Gobierno LP
2017 “The Age Of Mass Distraction” LP LP
2016 “The Storm Before The Calm” EP EP
2015 split EP with Thisclose EP
2015 “New Puppets – Same Old Machine” EP EP
2014 “The Cracks Start Appearing” LP LP
2013 split 12” with Satanic Malfunctions
2012 “Turn Back The Tide Of Bigotry” LP LP
2011 “Bury the Past: Build The Future” EP EP
2008 “It’s Perfectly Obvious That This System Doesn’t Work” LP LP
2007 split EP with Voco Protesta EP
2001 split EP with Jesus Crost EP
2000 “Recipe For Disaster” EP EP
1999 split EP with Urko EP
1999 split EP with An-Atta EP
1998 split LP with Petrograd LP
1998 “The National Lotta E” EP EP
1997 “I’m Not A Tourist… I Live Here” EP EP
1997 “Free To Be Chained” LP LP
1996 split EP with Umbrella Tribe EP
1996 split EP with Freak Show EP
1995 split EP with Yacopsae EP
1995 “Dis Is Getting Pathetic…” EP EP
1994 “The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum” flexi
1993 “Behind The Mask” EP EP
1991 “Capitalism Is a Disease And Money An Addictive drug…” EP EP
1988 “Welcome To The Slaughterhouse” LP LP
1987 “You Can Close Your Eyes To The Horrors Of Reality…” EP EP


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