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Like every volume of the fest also the upcoming Obscene Extreme Festival 2019 will not do without, or rather, mustn`t do without a quality crust or punk band. If it is moreover a legend of the genre, the more we are looking forward to it. Following the classics like Discharge and Varukers now it is the turn for further great "old school" squads. Anarcho punk from Bradford ANTI-SYSTEM is one of them. 

The band started in 1981 and sometime around 1986 they called it a day shortly after its two members were imprisoned for protests and taking part in direct actions to support animal rights (which at that time was quite common ...). They are again active since 2014 and in 2017 they recorded a very good record titled "What Price is Freedom?". You are going to see them live at the OEF 2019!!!


Anti-System is a British anarcho punk band formed in Bradford, West Yorkshire in 1981. The original members recorded an early demo, the tracks were included on a Pax Records compilation. The bands debut release was the five track “Defence of the realm” EP issued in 1983 which was followed by the “No laughing matter” album in 1985 & “A look at life” 12” EP in 1986. The band has always promoted animal rights issues, the debut EP was a benefit for animal welfare organisations. Two original members from the 1980’s Mark Keane and Mick Teale were imprisoned for animal rights activities shortly before the release of “A look at life”. Both received lengthy prison sentences for smashing up butchers shops, trashing over 50 top of the range cars and breaking into Bradford’s abattoir releasing all the cattle which were about to be executed that day. The band played sporadically throughout the mid 80’s before calling it a day around 1988.

Anti-System reformed, including several members from the 1980’s line ups in 2014, began gigging again and writing new material. In 2017 the band released the “At what price freedom” 12” Ep and have gigged extensively around the UK and Europe.

The band have remained steadfast to their animal rights beliefs playing many benefit gigs for Hunt Sabs, Hunt Monitors & the Hunt Investigation Team (H.I.T)

Anti-System are, Varik, Andy, Emma, Yaga & Ade


Release date Release name Media
2017 What Price Freedom (Boss Tuneage, 2017)
1986 A Look at Life (12", Reconcile, 1986)
1986 Split 7" w/MORBID HUMOUR (Reconcile, 1986)
1985 No Laughing Matter (LP, Reconcile, 1985) LP
1983 In Defence of the Realm (EP, Pax Records, 1983) EP
1982 82 Demo (Self Release, 1982) DEMO
0 Live At Sheffield Marples LP - Unreleased LP


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