CATASTROFY - Jebem vaše idoly


Thrash metal has always been a part of the OEF and it will not be different in 2019!!! Since 2005 there has been a band at our Slovak neighbours playing an incredibly pissed off thrash metal. Yes, speaking of CATASTROPHY!!! The music is hard like the stones falling from the Devin castle with Slovak lyrics full of furiousness but also great humour!!!

CATASTROPHY have gone a long way since their formation and after a few changes they have stabilized to be five mates who record one recording after another and especially this year's full-length album  "Besnota" is really worth it! We are delighted we could invite these bandits to the OEF's boards as their live show will chop you up into pieces! Even including those who like MANOWAR!!! This is CATASTROPHY, no "humbug"!!!



Release date Release name Media
2018 Besnota
2016 Split Catastrofy/Exorcizphobia/Kaar
2015 Zbojnícky tanec
2013 Tento štát sa musí zničiť! EP
2010 Deep Rotten Nation EP


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