PODRIDO - Vladimir


This is a potion only for the hardened!!! Mixing noisy punk with a good dose of crust, grindcore and powerviolence we get this killer trio from Pachuca, Mexico called PODRIDO!!! This will take you back to the 80's when extreme music was in the lowermost floors of the musical underground. PODRIDO, still under the original name "Deprabastars", has not been skimping on hatred of the corrupt world since 2007. Since 2010, already under the name PODRIDO with Fernando, Pancho and Diego in the line-up, they have recorded most of PODRIDO's material. 

They also played, among others, at the OEF America in Mexico in 2013. Last year there was a big turmoil in the band and two members were replaced. Today's line-up Carlos, Lalo and Diego is now going at full throttle and thanks to this fact we decided to invite them to the European OEF 2019!!! Here more words is just a waste of time... it's time for hatred!!! PODRIDO!!!


PODRIDO started in 2007 in Pachuca Hgo, Mexico with the name "DEPRABASTARDS", in 2008 the band changed the name to PERSONAL INSULT, the band had many changes in line-up with the first years but always with the same idea to make an agressive and fast punk/grindcore full of power and hate!

at early 2010 the band took the final name of "PODRIDO", with 3 members- FERNANDO (DRUMS), PANCHO (GUITARS) & DIEGO (VOCALS) this line-up was for many years untill 2018 that PANCHO AND FERNANDO leave the band for personal reasons

Early 2018 the band have a great change on line-up, more powerfull and solid.. also with 3 memebers:
CARLOS (GUITAR) - LALO (DRUMS) - DIEGO (VOCALS), the 2 new members also are into the extreme MEXICAN scene, they play in good punk/crust bands like SACRIFICIO, INFECTION ATTACK, COUNTESS, ASSISSINI, ETC...so it was easy to continue making nice agressive shit! GRINDCORE & PUNK is always the way!

Early 2019, Carlos left PODRIDO for personal problems and join the band a well know guitar player AARON from OXIDISED RAZOR, with this change the band made a national tour having a great acceptation and comments from the organizators and public, so we are sure that this trio have the real force of hate that PODRIDO need.

PODRIDO already played in some states of Mexico, and share stage with many international and national bands into the extreme musick, we don´t care the number of bands with we share stage and if they are big or not, we always play with the same ATTITUDE OF HATE!! 

And this time we are ready to destroy EUROPE... we always play CORROSIVE MUSICK FOR SICK PEOPLE.



Release date Release name Media
2019 NEW ALBUM (in process)
2018 LIVE TO DESTROY * TAPE (mierdas production)
2016 PERRA VIDA * EP FLEXI 7" (torture garden picture company) EP
2015 WHEN WORDS ARE A WASTE OF TIME * EP 7" * split with ENDLESS DEMISE (power it up records) EP
2011 FIRST CRIME * CD (casero records) CD
2009 DEMO ENSAYO * CD-R (selfreleased) CD
2008 DEMO ENSAYO * CD-R (selfreleased) CD


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