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FINAL FLAG - Run From The Cure


Everyone knows all kinds of stories take place at Obscene Extreme Festival but this one is really worth noting!!! This Czech-American squad called FINAL FLAG was born right at our fest in 2014! A bunch of guys from the bands Excorcizphobia, Tortharry from CZ and Wehrmacht from the US met while drinking beer and started another great band full of joy from playing, proper thrash and punk feeling called FINAL FLAG!!!

In spite of a big distance among the members, FINAL FLAG has finished a European tour, put out an album and a second one is just in the phase of recording!!! Pretty prolific musicians they are!!! If you like excellent crossover with the true 80's feeling, you will be thrilled just like us to see FINAL FLAG on the boards of the OEF 2019!!!


FINAL FLAG was founded at Obscene Extreme Festival in 2014, by members of Exorcizphobia, Wehrmacht and Tortharry. Their mellow mixture of hardcore,punk,surf and thrash metal is just a perfect fit for a wild party. Their debut LP „Capture The Flag“(2017) was warmly accepted, and now these Czech/Americans are working on their second album which will be promoted with this summer‘s tour.


Release date Release name Media
2019 New album – no title yet (Full-lenght) 2019
2017 Capture The Flag (Full-lenght) 2017 / Support Underground


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