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DISAVOWED - Biased Existance


DISAVOWED was spawned in Amsterdam in 2000 and despite the fact the guys have not been churning out their albums much they age like a fine wine on their vinyls! After several years of silence they have come rushing with the power of teenagers and a new reinforcement. Flying Robbe behind the microphone seems to have a good life insurance.

A new album is about to be released and you can find a few examples of what is soon to hit us in their latest setlist! They sound as if they have passed through the gate of time when DISAVOWED killed with their powerful hymns. You can check it out for yourselves at the Battlefield. See you in the mosh pit, madmen!!!


Disavowed was formed in 2000 during the new wave of the Dutch Brutal Death Metal scene, where bands like Pyaemia, Severe Torture, Brutus, Inhume, Mangled and Massmurder started producing the most extreme US style Death Metal/Death grind with severe blastbeats combined with some decent technicality. After releasing their first three track demo “Point of few” in 2000, American record label “Unique Leader” immediatly signed Disavowed for a full length record. The album named “Perceptive Deception” was released in 2001.

Laudatory critics forced Disavowed to do their first 5 week USA/Canada “Bloodletting” tour, accompanied by Deeds of Flesh, Disgorge and Severe Torture. The year after Disavowed toured the grounds of Europe with a 5 week tour again, together with Vile, Spawn of Possession, Mangled and Inhume. New material was written for the second album in the period after that, but the infamous wrist injury of drummer Robbe V took it’s toll in the end. After his decision to quit, Disavowed found a new drummer in German Dirk Jansen (Despondency) and played its first Asian shows in Japan and Hong Kong. Shortly hereafter Disavowed and Dirk decided to separate their ways and Disavowed found a new drummer in the insane French Drum maniac Romain Goulon. With Romain on drums, Disavowed produced a new album in 2006, released under Dutch record label Neurotic Records, called “Stagnated Existence”.

Following this release, Disavowed promoted the album by a 5 week tour in Europe again, as one of the support acts (along with Urkraft) of Cannibal Corpse. Shortly after the tour, drummer Roman Goulon left Disavowed to play in Necrophagist. Romain was replaced by again another French maniac drummer Kevin Foley (Benighted, Nerve Cell, Decapitated, Sepultura). Kevin granted Disavowed the possibility to proceed in releasing their extreme mayhem over the European and Asian audiences.

Late 2015 Disavowed found a new drummer in Septimiu Harsan (Necrovile, Pestilence, CodeRed), which led to the recording of a new album in 2018. This album is probably be released before the summer of 2019.

Current line up:
Vocals - Robbe K
Guitars - Gerben van der Bij
Guitars – Daniel van den Broek
Bass – Nils Berndsen
Drums – Septimiu Harsan


Release date Release name Media
2006 Stagnated Existence
2001 Perceptive Deception
2000 Point of Few EP


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