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One of the longest-running grindcore bands in Czech territory is back at OEF!!! DISFIGURED CORPSE was one of the first bands that has been playing a true extreme style of music since 1991 and is still, though not regularly, active. This truly legendary band hailing from the huge musical hatchery of OKR (Ostrava-Karvina coal-mining district) has had their ups and downs but they are still around. Everyone sure knows their legendary split album with Total Death or their excellent album „Flash of Pain“.

Recently DISFIGURED CORPSE have not been much heard of as the members have their other projects and the band has experienced clinical death. Their grindcore heart, however, is beating in the right place and the news that they are working on a new EP has pleasantly surprised us. That is why we are glad to announce them as another great band for OEF 2018!!! Desire hasn't been broken!!!


Grind/death metal band DISFIGURED CORPSE was established in July of 1991 composing of Ferenc (drums) , Hadgi (bass guitar), Tomba (guitar) and David (vocals). In this line-up the band records their first demo „Fall down in Reality“ in May 1992. In June 1992 the band received the offer from company M.A.Bona to record a split CD with a band TOTAL DEATH (later CAROUSEL OF TEARS). Before the recording of this CD, the band extends with new guitarist Pancho. In autumn of this very year the band tours with others such as DECIDE, ATROCITY, GOREFEST etc. These concerts were being played with the new base guitar player Warry. His predecessor Hadgi left to a new band BIGOTRY (later DISSOLVING OF PRODIDGY). In December 1993 D.C. records new material for their first solo CD with working name “Disappointment”, that is released after a long time in 1996 by the company Sheer records under a name “Flash Of Pain”. After the recording of this CD , David (vocals) is leaving. Replacing him is Vladis (previously NEMESIS). In year 1995 the band is working hard on touring. Starting an European tour together with FLESHLESS. Worth mentioning is also being a warm-up band to other bands such as DEATH, BENEDICTION, VADER or HYPOCRISY. However on these concerts the name of the band was shortened to DISFIGURED. In autumn of 1995 DISFIGURED records a demo “No Time To Waste”, which comes out as a split cassette with FLESHLESS in collaboration with Obscene productions. In the end of year 1996 the band broke up because of different opinions on music.   

In Spring of 1999, DISFIGURED CORPSE comes together in new and old composition : Hadgi(bass guitar), Tomba (guitar), Ferenc (drums) and Vladis(vocals). From June 1999 the band tours with completely new repertoire. When it comes to style of the new songs, they could be loosely associated with grindcore, with addition of some other genres such as HC or death metal. During the March of 2000 the band records new material in studio Barbarella with working name Mega-ultra-intergalactic-core 2000, which comes out under the publisher Epidemie Records at 15.9.2000. To support the record DISFIGURED CORPSE does many concerts and 2 tours. First tour around the Czech republic witch HYPNOS and OBSCENITY. The other one, the two week tour across the Europe with MALIGNANT TUMOR.  Dissatisfaction with working with publisher Epidemie Records made the band cross over under Crystal Productions. In November 2002, the 3rd CD “United Hellland” comes out. Guitar player Tomba leaves the band because of personal reasons. His place is taken by Milhaus (ex G.O.R.E.). Beside touring, the band is also dealing with family issues. One divorce, but more positive news is fact, that the DISFIGURED CORPSE family grows with two new tots. In the meantime, DISFIGURED CORPSE does a 9 day tour around the Czech Republic and Slovakia with PUNGENT STENCH, BEHEMOTH, HYPNOS and CHAOS IN HEAD. In January 2005 band moves to Bzeneck studio Shaark for a week, where they record their last record (at the time) “Mankind Collapse”, which was published again by Crystal Productions in the beginning of summer of 2005. While the guitar player Milhaus does his full time job as a truck driver, the band summons a new member to join their ranks. It’s none other than Maro Marunič (Purulent Spermcanal, Have the Munchies). The band continues in touring. At home podiums the band meets again with PUNGENT STENCH, DISFEAR , legendary grinders NAPALM DEATH and nonetheless warming-up for BENEDICTION or HOLY MOSES.   

After almost “neverending” looking for the right practice-room, the band settles in Tančírna in Ostrava. It has been here, where the new material and demo S.Y.W.A.F was created. The original date to go to a studio had been announced for April 2009. The band however, decided to take a little bit more time. Moving to studio had taken place in December 2009. For the first time to visit the Czech studio Sopa. So far, working on the record with a working name “Corrosion”. Among the new songs, D.C. also pay a tribute to German trash metal legend KREATOR with a cover of “Terrible Certainty”. The record with final name “Human Corrosion” was again published in cooperation with Crystal Productions at 23th of January 2010. However, right after this , the inside of the band “collapses”, firstly showing in the shuffling of band members and lastly in terminating the “business”. Some of the members are fed up with beating the dead horse and decide to fully focus on other bands. Hadgi and Ferenc found a new trash-death metal machine ANTIGOD and Vladis becomes the frontman of Ostrava’s very own PRIMARY RESISTANCE.             

After the neverending requests by fans to when and if ever, will DC rise again among the grind elite, the idea is born in Hadgi’s head to please the closest friends and family with an exceptional performance by DISFIGURED CORPSE for his 40th birthday. There couldn’t have been a discussion about the reassembling of the band back then, but the thought of experiment was, beside for Hadgi, very interesting for Ference and Vladis as well, and for Pedy(ANTIGOD) too, as the last named was invited to join and for whom values the DC since the age of 14. Just a few days before the DC birthday show, the confrontation happened between Hadgi and Milhaus, who showed interest to be a part of this experiment as well. From original Milhaus’s hosting on the birthday show , which was set to be for 4 songs, the birthday surprise arose, where instead of these 4 songs Milhaus finished the whole concert, not only side to side with Vladis, Hadgi and Ferenc, but Pedy as well. This was a clear sign that DC could work as before , with two guitars, but the fact that the band is doing great and could rock on as well! The responses were more than positive, even including the previous members of the band from the strongest era of the band. All of this had a strong influence on the fact, that this might be the time to restore the DISFIGURED CORPSE.               

The final straw of this process and therefore the decision of coming back of the band was concert of the band KRABATHOR in a Barrak club, which was unknown to DC at the time. Hadgi realized the reality that we will be a part of a very special tour of the legend that is KRABATHOR, from the poster he’d seen about this concert. After immediately contacting all the members of DC and receiving only the negative responses, he contacted the organizer of this event who told him (whilst laughing) that he somehow forgot to tell this to DC. The band found this very funny as well as appealing. The new era of DISFIGURED CORPSE had started. All of the members of the band agreed on that this return will be celebrated with joy and humour, which was absent years ago and therefore the band won’t be prioritised but will serve as a tool to relax. That’s why, in the year 2016 there were only few concerts where the band preformed, but the concerts such as GUTTURAL GORE GRIND MAFIA fest with PUNGENT STENCH in front, or warming up for the band BRUJERIA is really worth it.             

There are, of course, important decisions being made during 2016. The question “how to present the band to the fans?” is answered by the original idea – CD with covers of the bands that affected, helped or inspired DISFIGURED CORPSE in any way. In the July of 2016 band moves to the studio SHAARK, where the most of the original records were being made. Last but not least, the question of composing priority is given fully to Milhaus to everyone’s approval. The return of the band is finally finished in August 2016 by publishing of the mentioned CD with covers in PARAT magazine. 11 bands were chosen, which have marked the DC with indelible ink( to mention – DEBUSTROL, ROOT, TORR, KRABATHOR, HNF, MALIGNANT TUMOUR etc…). This CD was published by the band itself as a digipack in limited number of 100 copies. The record is baptised in club Stolarna (Havířov) in December 2016. 

The band is planning to release a new EP with new songs in 2018… 

The DC commando: 

Vladis – vocals 
Milhaus – guitar 
Hadgi – bass guitar 
Pedy – guitar 
Ferenc – drums


Release date Release name Media
2016 “25 Let Znetvořené Mrtvoly”
2010 “Human Corrosion”
2005 “Mandkind Collapse”
2002 “United Hellland”
2000 “Mega Ultra Intergalactic Core”
1996 “Flash Of Pain”
1992 “Fall Down In Reality”


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