PIGSTY Czech Republic



Czech brutal outfit!!! Heavy as fuck and brutal stuff!!! Some news from PIGSTY's camp : they're in recording process of their new mini CD "Living Dead Stars" that will be released thru Bizarre Leprous during May of this year!!!


Darwin´s theory is true. But Mr. Darwin forgot important cause of development of humans. This cause is arrival of The univers pigs, which fertilised the slow-witted race of monkeys. And we - humans - are result of it. Civilization of The univers pigs unsuccessfuly tryed to connect with their work - humans (exceptions to the rule are for example A. Einstein, Caligula, Leonardo da Vinci). Till 1998 they found new suited medium - Otyn. He hired drummer and first official message of "the creators" saw the light of the world. The univers pigs was heard in 2000 again because of bad connection. They connected to four half-humans which they get together because of communication with people and they recorded split cd (The univers pig + monkey = essence of existence) in Bizzare leprous production of Roman Poláček.


Release date Release name Media
2005 "Pigs Are back" CD
2003 "Spiders" CD
2002 "The Return" CD


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