SHEEVA YOGA Czech Republic

SHEEVA YOGA - Konec koncu


They are veterans of hardcore scene and the binding element and forefathers of Moravian-Silesian DIY hardcore punk. They are one of the few Czech bands playing in a style that is akin to power violence. This means you get shredding guitars, tempo changes and all the classic and anticipated ruckus in a style that bands such as Spazz, Infest, Crossed Out or Lack of Interest brought into prominence.

SHEEVA YOGA has been killing our brain cells off since about 1997. The fact that the members of this pack have been part of the legendary grind band, Social Deformity, is worth mentioning as well. Their last appearance at Obscene Extreme Festival is becoming a distant memory (that is to say 2002). Well fear not, they are back once again, at the scene of the crime, after more than 15 years...


Cynically sarcastic, hysterically instensive – acid violence fastcore commando from the smelly postindustrial periphery of Czechia called Ostrava. Makes you unhappy since 1997.


Release date Release name Media
2018 split 12“ w/ DOG EGGS
2017 Eclectic Acid Fastcore (2012-2016)
2013 split 10“ w/ SAYWHY?
2012 split 7“ w/ KUMURU
2011 12“LP „Svět ten – čert vem“ LP
2008 split 12“ w/ XDISNEYX
2007 Heartotheque CD
2007 Heartotheque CD
2007 Heartotheque CD
2004 4way split 7“ – „Open-Minded Split 4 Open-Minded People“ w/ TRES HOMBRES, THE HUB, GREEN BERET
2003 split 7“ w/ MORE BAD NEWS
2002 split 7“ w/ STERBEHILFE
2001 split 7“ w/ NOT
2000 Promo 2000


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