I'm not sure but I think that STERBEHILFE was first band that destroyed OEF microphone back in 2002...and now they are back!!! Maybe more insane...they call their musical style scarecore and what it means? Nothing less than 100% grinding hardcore noise power violence chaos!!! S. already wasted OEF stage once and this is their another chance...with roots back in 1989 they deliver extremely chaotic but still cool grindcore with political lyrics!!!


It all started over a decade ago, approximately around X-Mas 1989. The most important people back then were Schach (git.), Blex (1st voice) and Sino (2nd voice), Jungblut (bazz) and Marco (drms). We did a type of pure noisecore: supershort, fast n loud songs were typical. We were influenced by bands like 7 Minutes of Nausea, Fear of God (Ch), Crawl Noise and Anal Cunt. That was the first phase of STERBEHiLFEs existence, often referred as "phase one" (1989-1993). During this period we did a split 7" with the Lehnin-based Barcass (1993) and a bunch of (split-)demos* and some live footage (video) were recorded and released. We also had some concerts. Firstly we played in local revenues as well as some outdoor-parties. In Spring 1991 we had our first concerts which were farther away from our homes, those concerts mainly took place in the East of Germany. In 1994 the things about the band went downhill. Mainly due to personal loss of interest of some of the members of the band. Some other reasons were heavy duties at work for some other members of the band. In short: the band fell apart. Marco and Schach arranged occasional meetings and rehearsings, but nothing of interest happened. STERBEHiLFE was dead. During the summer of 1998 we were asked to do a concert in a local revenue some people knew that Marco and Schach still hanged out together. So, we asked our ex-singer Jungblut to join in and do this single concert. We did the concert and it rocked!! We decided to try it once again as a three-piece: Jungblut: voice, Schach: git and Marco: drmz. It all was stable and the style of the sound was clear too: hyperspeed hardcore and noisecore. This was the "phase two" In the winter of 2000/2001 we won Achim on the bazz, so now we were a 4-piece. We recorded some demos* (a 4-way split tape, a "back in the black noisecore days"-tape and some more *) and some split 7" (w/ final exit (jap), agx (bel), sheeva yoga (cz). We released a mcd "47 menschen, ein wunsch (on the label rsr, 2001) and a split cd /w the polit-anarcho band urban blight (on sis-records, 2002). We also did a contribution of some songs on the giants of grind fest 1 compliation dvd (download the conrib. in the just:noize section of this homepage). Also, some more concerts were played in germany and some in the adjoining countries too (cz, aut, ch, f....). As for the end of 2005 jungblut left the band, mainly due to lack of time (family-buisness). Oli was found as a new singer. We re heading to record some new n fresh tracks for a new output. The newest record is a split /w the german bouncecore k.s.k. grinders, check it out !! Our lyrics are mainly about personal opinions on the all-day struggle we re facing each painful day. We re trying to focus our aggression into the music of STERBEHiLFE. We re honest about it, sometimes to the disgrace of some 110% pc fascist.


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0 Split EP with KSK EP
0 "Human? Definitions?"


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