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As comfortable on their most recent European tour alongside fret-widdling technical death metallers ORIGIN and PSYCROPTIC as they are taking to the stage at OBSCENE EXTREME 2012, thanks to their savage miasma of grindcore, technical death metal, hardcore and even stoner rock grooves, Belgian blast-monsters LENG TCH'E are almost a totally new band since they released the monstrous 2010 album 'HYPOMANIAC', and indeed since they last played OBSCENE EXTREME in 2005.

Prepare to be cut to ribbons by the latest lacerating evolution in their trademarked 'razorgrind'!!!


LENG TCH'E are back with a deadly grinding bang. With their brand new fifth album "Hypomanic" Belgium's hardest hitting bunch hones its brutal yet clever Deathgrind to a new level of perfection. Styled by themselves as Razorgrind after the same title of their first EP (split 7" with Black Ops) the sound of these now four maniacs contains a choice selection of Death Metal and Grindcore, Hardcore, bits of Doom and even pieces of Stoner Rock. Named after an Imperial Chinese torture ritual, which is translated in the title of their debut full-length "Death by a Thousand Cuts" (2002), the band was formed in 2001. After quickly gaining a large underground following, LENG TCH'E became widely recognised with their third album "The Process of Elimination" (2005), which was mixed by Tue Madsen (DAGOBA, THE HAUNTED) and combined catchy hooks with most extreme grind. The Belgians were rewarded with festival shows among others at Furyfest, Graspop, Summerbreeze and Maryland Deathfest as well as worldwide touring. Their next output "Marasmus" (2007) saw LENG TCH'E adding more heaviness and pronounced Death Metal riffing. Mixed by Fredrik Nordström (AT THE GATES, IN FLAMES) "Marasmus" put LENG TCH'E squarely at the forefront of the modern extreme scene. With finally a stable line-up, there will be no stopping this time: "Hypomanic" takes the lead with Serge Kasongo's outstanding vocals ranging from gurgling growls to heavy singing and an excellent production by Russ Russell (NAPALM DEATH, BRUJERIA, DIMMU BORGIR). Get into the grind!!!


Release date Release name Media
2010 Hypomanic
2008 Split w/ Fuck the Facts
2007 Marasmus
2006 Amusical Propaganda for Sociological Warfare (Split 7" EP with Warscars) EP


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