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Czech grindeath band, they just recorded new second album for Khraaranus prod.!!!


Starts band date towards the end of the year 2000, when group ESCAPE completed drummer Vilda and happened to change band´s name on G.O.R.E. Original group formed Jožin (vocal),David (guitar,vocal),Milhaus (guitar),Čidar (bass) a Vilda(drums). Band step by step along checkings and concerts readied his first degree ceremony CD and among one of the biggest successes was appearance on OBSCENE EXTREME FEST 2002. Then is coming attendance on several compilatory CD. In summer 2003 passes away Milhaus and after several concerts with once guiter passes away in September David, too. Along autumn the band tested on guitar to Pancho (Deaf 99), but for use to full capacity with his own band he abdicated cooperation.In those hard times several gigs played lost son Milhaus. Situation solved remembrance of Mr.Grindmistr Pitris - the King of six strings from Total Death, Carousell of Tears, Felisha. After then, what we´re dusted off Pitris´s strangle fingers and foaled on preparation new material became full-value member of the band. Pitris bringed next new member of team - manager Mojmir and we´re resorted below wings management NiceBoysEntertainment. In autumn we´re shut to the GM recording studios in Třinec and result is the first full CD G.O.R.E - from second side, which GRODHAISN Productions edit this year.


Release date Release name Media
2007 "Never Sober Level"
2006 "From Second Side"
2003 "Promo 2003"


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