Mladý italský HC/THRASH band hodně ovlivněný mosh materiálem z ranných 80. let jako např. Cryptic Slaughter, Accused nebo Wehrmacht!!!


Minkions are a young Italian band born in late 2006 as an “all teens” cover band of old school hc stuff. They soon started writing their own songs which appeared in their first promo cd self released in march 2007. Year by year, attitude, music tastes and influences became rougher, faster and more aggressive. In September 2007 a new drummer joined the band. This meant the difference from the previous stuff, as the quality of music improved a lot thanx to his great skill as a drummer. This new energy lead to a killer mix between thrash metal and raw fast hardcore highly influenced by bands as Cryptic Slaughter, Accused and Wehrmacht just to name few. In September 2008 they recorded another self released cd called “Stop thinking, start drinking”: the result is way better than the first cd both in music and sound but without losing the old school atmosphere of a self released record. The voice is speakers piercing, guitars are fast and raw, the drums hit as fuck. Some of these songs also appeared on the 4 way split 7” “Speed Punk Metal Crust” together with bands as Armageddom, Children of Technology and Nuclear Frost, released in march 2009. Some new songs will be out soon (spring 2010) for the upcoming 3 way split LP with Voetsek and Barbatos, as well as a new split 7” with Italian Terror Firmer.

Line-up :

Simone/ vocals

Umberto/ guitar

Mattia/ bass

Corrado/ drums


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2010 Split 7” w/Terror Firmer
2010 "Thrash yourself and fuck the rest" - 3 way split(12"MLP) w/ Voetsek & Barbatos
2009 Speed Punk Metal Crust/ 4 way split 7”


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