INDIAN NIGHTMARE - Incursions of Death


Po loňských problémech této pětice, kdy bubeníka těsně před festivalem ošklivě pokousal pes, Vám tyto maníky přivážíme znova!!! Mezinárodní, nebo ještě lépe mezikontinentální kapela!!! Pět borců, kteří zakotvili v německém Berlíně, pocházející ze čtyř zemí, Indonésie, Turecka, Itálie a Mexika!!! A tito pánové dali dohromady společnou kapelu nazvanou INDIAN NIGHMARE a vzhlédli se ve skvěle zahraném a intenzivním apokalyptickém punk metalu!!!

Začali společně hrát v roce 2014 a i přes svoji nedlouhou existenci, byli už schopni odehrát přes 100 koncertů a festivalů, jako třeba finský Puntala Rock nebo německý Party San!!! INDIAN NIGHTMARE jsou známi svými skvělými a intenzivními show a tím nás přesvědčili o tom, že jejich místo je i na OEF!!! Berou si svoji zemi zpět... INDIAN NIGHTMARE!!!


Formed in 2014 by musicians from Indonesia, Italy, Turkey, and Mexico, INDIAN NIGHTMARE made a difference within the wider trad metal scene right from the start. As self-proclaimed tribal metal punks, the quintet put up their tent in German capital Berlin and quickly established themselves with an original tack on blackened thrash metal, both aesthetically and musically.

By making the members’ different cultural backgrounds almost palpable, their 2016 debut “Taking Back the Land” offered such a striking variation on the genre template that the youngsters were hailed as newcomers of the year by fans and media, a title that was fiercely defended at each succeeding gig the played. Therefore, expectations were high in advance of the follow-up, but “By Ancient Force” turns out to be another proverbial tomahawk to the head.

Going into the songwriting process, the hopefuls felt no pressure at all. “We got to know each other better,” says guitarist Butch. “The essence of our sound remains the same since none of us is replaceable. We all contribute our respective parts, and that makes this project what it is.”
The material was produced by the band itself with help from friends after recording the basic tracks live at Big Snuff Studios “because it’s the best way to bring out our energy. We used awesome retro equipment, the honest and warm sound of real analogue tape in this facility from the 1970s combined with our aggressive music was just perfect.”

With an unmistakable message against any form of discrimination and regarding the musical mettle of “By Ancient Force” alone, it is clear that INDIAN NIGHTMARE are meant to become a mainstay in the international metal scene. “We have reached a new level with our second attack and are willing to go as far as we can. This is just the beginning …”


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2019 By Ancient Force
2016 Taking Back the Land
2016 Indian Nightmare


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