Připravte se - SANITY'S DAWN rozpoutají na OBSCENE EXTREME 2012 opravdový chaos.

Vznikli v roce 1990 a od té doby jsou extrémně plodní. Téměř každý rok chrlí demáče, EPčka, alba i splitka s kapelami jako WADGE, MAGRUDERGRIND, MINDFLAIR, YACÖPSAE a dalšími veterány tohoto žánru.

Navzdory věku i drahným letům v branži se tenhle hannoverský kvartet nebál vyvíjet a pozvolna měnit na rychlejší, nechutnější a političtější jednotku, rozdávající jedovatá bodnutí modernímu světu každým svým dvouminutovým výbuchem zuřivosti.


Sanitys Dawn was formed in the year 1987. However in those times it was just a way to alleviate boredom for the members. They met in a storage of the psychiatric ward in Wunstorf to hang out with friends, make music and consume not insignificant quantities of alcohol and drugs.

During this time it was difficult to find a style of music that everyone in the band could agree with because all the members listened to very different styles of music and also had not yet completely developed their playing skills. The first serious release was "MC; Preachers OF Blood" , which was recorded in 1993 in the Tankrecords-studio. Musically this was a mixture of Metal, Death, Thrash and HC. In the course of the next years Sanitys Dawn played various concerts with "greats" like Kreator and The Accüsed. After this two more MC-releases followed before this line-up almost completely dissolved in 1996.

Only the drummer remained; the Band-elder Holm. Thus the first CD was recorded by only two and a half people. The original bassist Schorni showed successor Prändy the riffs, who learnt them very fast and played on the majority of the coming full-length. Schorni contributed only a small part of the bass parts. Since a new singer still hadn´t been found, multi-talent Prändy also took over this job. We developed a sick, unique Carcass-influenced DeathGrind atrocity named " Cryptic Menu". Two months after the release of the Debut CD the band was completed by guitarist Kritstopf and singer Topsy, who stammered into the group without any previous band-experience.

With this line-up the following CD and 7" splits with Exhumed and the Australians Fuck I'm DEAD were recorded and various concerts and tours in Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Italy and France played. Over the course of next years the musical and lyrical style of the band developed further. On the recordings up until 1999 Goregrind is still clearly the band´s style and the lyrics reflect this. But after this SD got bored of the scene´s of continous competition to use more disgusting lyrics and fotos so they chose to leave this style behind. Shifting more to lyrics with a lot of sick humor, something that was always present in some form in SD, but seemed to be disappearing among other bands in the genre. Grindcore is still a major part of Sanitys Dawn´s sound, but following recordings went in a more HC / Powerviolence based direction.

The Split CD with Fetuseaters (USA) followed, 2002 brought a Split CD/LP with the clamorous brethren of Yacöpsae from Hamburg, with whom Sanitys Dawn toured Germany in 2003, France and Italy. Another line-up change followed; the time came to get rid of the guitarist, and trade him in for a youngster named Micha to bring some new life to the band. Since then it´s been going extremely well again, new splits with Magrudergrind (USA) and Mechanical Seperation (Canada) followed and concrete plans for a US-tour were forged, with Yacöpsae coming along as support. Seven Gigs were played with Yacöpsae, Magrudergrind and various others in May 2006. Sanitys Dawn also played the Maryland Deathfest in 2006.

In 2009 it was time for a new Line-up change.Micha 1 quit and was replaced by – Micha 2. Even younger and even more angry then the last one. 2010 we released a 7“ with the unbelievable Wadge and Re-release the 2000 Chopcopper on CD and LP.

Sanitys Dawn Line-up:

Topsy - Vocals

Michael - Guitar

Prändy - Bass, Vocals, Burps

Holm - Drums


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2010 Chopcopper 10th Anniversary Edition
2008 Mindflair Split
2006 "The EP years + live audio terror" EP
2006 Mechanical Separation Split


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