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Tahle kapela je něco jako taková sázka na jistotu. Naživo nikdy nezklamou! O kom je řeč? No přece o holandské crust / grind mašině KRU$H! Pokud máte rádi staré nahrávky DISRUPT a EXTREME NOISE TERROR a pokud jste ještě naživo tuhle kapelu neviděli (chyba!), není co řešit a musíte to napravit letos na Obscene Extreme Festivalu 2016!!!


Dutch crust-grinders Krush are around since the 90's and have released one full-length album and 5 seveninches. Expect a mix of crust-grind paying tribute to Disrupt and early Disfear, Disgust, Extreme Noise Terror, Terrorizer and Napalm Death. If these bands are high on your list, you should definitely check 'm out. 

Back in 1996 the first KRU$H songs where formed with the idea to just release one demo tape with a raw crust sound inspired by bands like Disrupt, Disfear and Disgust. After this tape was released on vinyl by German label Beyond Records Krush started to play live. 

Now, almost 20 years later, Krush is still around. Through the years the lineup changed but the current lineup was formed around 2000. Just recenlty the line-up changed a little. Dennis leftentering Rogier who is famous for his stuff with Carnival of Carnage, Tumor, Fecivomitatie and even Last Days of Humanity. 

Today Krush are: Rogier, Row, Mier, Mich and Jay. 

The name KRU$H, written with a K and dollar S, stands for smashing capitalism and everything that brings harm to humans, animals and planet.                                        


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2012 Krush - S/T (Power it up, Insane Society Records, Fast & Furious Records, Roadkill Records
2009 37 Bullets (CD, Terrotten Records, Exabrupto Records and Distro, Cauterized Productions, Rock Mutante Discos)Kru$h Discography 1996-2008 CD
2006 By All Means Nessesary (MC, Impregnate Noise Laboratories) Kru$h Discography 1996-2006 MC (TAPE)
2005 Kru$h – Blood I Bleed split (7", Fast & Furious/Roadkill Rekordz)
2004 Dedication From Inspiration - a tribute to Heresy (12", Fast & Furious)
2004 Kru$h - Gritos de Alerta (Brazil) split (7", UPS/Terrotten Records)
2002 Kru$h - Distroy (NL) split (7", Roadkill Rekordz)
2002 Mangled Maggot Stew Comp. (MC, Mangled Maggot Stew)
2002 DP (or Not DP) Comp. 4 (CD, DP (or Not DP))
1999 Kru$h - Spinebender (Ger) split (7", Beyond Records)
1998 As We Laugh In A State Of Fear (mc Roadkill Rekordz)
1998 Murder Rhythms (double 7", Beyond Records)
1997 Murder Rhythms (MC, Roadkill Rekordz)


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