Další skvělá zpráva pro všechny milovníky brutal death metalu!!! Po delší odmlce jsou tu zpět geniální Internal Suffering. Oddaným fanouškům jistě netřeba představovat tuto, původem kolumbijskou sebranku, jenž funguje už dobrých 16 let!!!

Pamětníci si určitě pamatují jejich nezapomenutelnou show na OEF 2003!!! Po téměř pětileté pauze jsou znovu připraveni svým technickým a kulometně rychlým pojetím death metalu rozdrtit vše živé! A jedna z jejich zastávek je také OEF 2012!!!


We are very glad to let friends and fans know that INTERNAL SUFFERING is reformed and back in the scene!! Yes, we've been working hard since some time ago but didn't want to make an official statement until everything was 100% confirmed as it is now!!. Needless to say, INTERNAL SUFFERING will remain LOYAL to their fast, chaotic, technical style while bringing th...See More Biography INTERNAL SUFFERING was born in Pereira (Colombia) during November 1996 from the ashes of their previous band SUFFER as a quartet when Fabian (Vocals), Leandro (Guitars), Andres (Bass) & Jorge (Drums) decided to play an even faster, heavier & more brutal Death Metal style.

1996 was entirely dedicated to play as many shows as they could next to some of the best colombian bands. Also, in March '97 the band had the chance to play along with the respected underground US band INCANTATION during their Colombian tour, receiving a great response from the audience. After this show, Fabian (Vocals) left the band and was immediately replaced by Fabio.

In September 1997, colombian Death Metal label CLINIC RECORDS offered the band to open for the legendary German Thrash Metal band SODOM during the South American leg of their 1997 world tour, which meant the biggest live-audience for the band at the moment at the best arena of Medellin (Colombia) in front of 4.500 raging metal maniacs!!. The band was acclaimed again, receiving very good critics & reviews, establishing as the most brutal, devastating band ever to emerge from Colombia. The band was featured and hailed on the music channel MTV as one of the most intense & promising south-american bands in the genre at the moment. A couple of months after this killer show, Jorge (Drums) was kicked out of the band due to irreconcilable musical differences, so drums duties were taken over by Edwin.

1999 was the time to enter the studio once again with the intention to record their long awaited debut CD "Supreme Knowledge Domain", for this recording, the band decided to recruit Fabio on Drums in replace of Edwin. This time the production outcome/quality couldn't be better so the band decided to send a sample of the recording to one of the most important Death Metal labels worldwide at the moment: REPULSE RECORDS/ QABALAH PRODUCTIONS who immediately showed their interest and signed the band to release the album. The album was unleashed in September 1st 2000 and it's still selling very well worldwide after being released in all possible formats: CD, vinyl and cassette in Europe, America and Asia!. A couple of days after having recorded the album, drummer Fabio had to leave the band, so Edwin who was the previous drummer replaced him, joining the band again.

In April 2000, the band entered the studio again to record their "Promo 2000" which featured three new tracks plus an improved version of their cult track "Outside Dwellers" & what you can expect is one of the most brutal, rawest stuff released during that year. This Promo called the attention of many labels worldwide, one of them being Japan's MACABRE MEMENTOS RECORDS which offered the band to release a 6 track-MCD entitled "Unmercyful Extermination". This MCD was released in March 2001.

After many proposals from around the globe, in September 2001, the band decided to sign with cult dutch label DISPLEASED RECORDS to release their 2nd full length album. INTERNAL SUFFERING kicked-off the recording sessions almost immediately and during more than 2 weeks the band concentrated 100% on the new recording, creating one of the most punishing, brutal & chaotic Death Metal albums of 2002: "Chaotic Matrix", officially released in April 2002.

In February 2002, the band hit the road for a colombian mini tour with Death Metal gods CANNIBAL CORPSE playing in front of over 1000 people aprox. every night.

Finally, in 2002, while "Chaotic Matrix" album was released in Europe, the band embarked in a North American Tour, which included a successful appearance at the legendary Ohio Death Fest!!

After this successful tour, the band returned to New York in order to play two awesome shows in the big apple and prepare their live appearances at the Massachusets Death Fest and Xtreme Benefest in Detroit along with the likes of IMMOLATION, DEVOURMENT, FLESHGRIND, LIVIDITY, INTERNAL BLEEDING, ANAL BLAST, among tons more. The band appeared at both festivals and got an amazing response from the audience, establishing once more as a highly respected South American brutal Death Metal force in the american scene.

In April 2003 the band did one of the biggest tours of the year: CHAOS OVER EUROPE TOUR 2003 including around 80 dates in almost all european countries and appearances at some of the biggest underground festivals like FUCK THE COMMERCE FEST (Germany), BANDS BATTLE FESTIVAL (Germany), STEEL WARRIORS REBELLION FESTIVAL (Portugal), OBSCENE EXTREME FESTIVAL (Czech Rep.), SHITFEST (Slovakia), KALTENBACH OPEN AIR FEST (Austria), among others.

Original drummer Fabio Ramirez, having since made his name with INFERNAL HATE and CARNAL, made a return to the INTERNAL SUFFERING drum position in November of 2003. Progress would be marred though as guitarist Leandro broke his arm. Back in action, the band entered Mana Studios in Tampa, Florida in April of 2004 to record a new album 'Choronzonic Force Domination'. Erik Rutan of HATE ETERNAL/ex-MORBID ANGEL would be at the production helm. The band headed up the 'Brutal Domination' US tour that August, heading up a pack comprising INCINERATE, STABWOUND and EMETH.

In August 2004, Leandro Quiza (Guitar) was replaced by talented Japanese guitar player Makoto Mizoguchi (ABRAXAS/HATE ETERNAL/PYREXIA) in the guitar position.

3 new songs were composed with the new lineup and the band immediately entered Mana Studios once again in order to record their infamous "Promo 2005" which landed 'em a deal with California's death metal label UNIQUE LEADER RECORDS. After the promo recording, the band kept on doing as many shows as possible across North America including a West Coast Tour as headliner along with the likes of EMETH, VICTIMAS and END TO END.

As soon as the tour ended, the band returned to New York and continued writing the songs for their 4th full length album and in January 2006 entered Mana Recording Studios (CANNIBAL CORPSE, NILE, VITAL REMAINS, etc) with Erik Rutan (HATE ETERNAL, ex-MORBID ANGEL) in the engineering seat to record one of the most insane, fastest yet chaotic death metal albums ever: "Awakening Of The Rebel".

The album saw the daylight in August 2006 through California's respected underground label UNIQUE LEADER (DECREPIT BIRTH, DEEDS OF FLESH, PSYCROPTIC, VILE, DISGORGE, etc.).

Right after the album was released, the band hit the road once again for their "Return Of Chaos World Tour" playing endless dates across Europe, North America, South America and Japan receiving a great response and acclamation from their rabid fans worldwide!!.

To that end, the band decided to go on an indefinite hiatus to take care of some personal and professional issues while getting ready for an imminent return in 2011, recruiting the services of highly talented spanish guitarist Asier Badiola (HELL SIGN/DISEASED), establishing one, if not the most solid yet stable line-up the band has ever known to date.

Now relocated to Madrid (Spain), INTERNAL SUFFERING have made their imminent yet long-awaited return to the scene, be prepared to experience once more their technical, blazingly-fast, chaotic and punishing style, distinguishable trademarks of their well-known yet unique musical madness.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2006 Awakening of the Rebel
2005 Brutal Domination DVD
2005 Internal Suffering
2004 Choronzonic Force Domination


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